Breathing through my nose… oh how I miss thee

I’m officially back from the big kahuna industry conference and am relatively unscathed from the experience.  Minus the fact that I’m sick again.  My voice is almost completely gone making me sound like a yipping Chihuahua any time I try to talk, and I’ve got some sexy phlegm thing going on again as well.

I evidently have the immune system of a tsetse fly at the moment.  I suppose just finishing my last round of antibiotics, and then promptly exposing myself to a germ infested airport and conference hall probably wasn’t my best choice.

Do I sound negative and sarcastic?  Ok good, because I am.  I’m sick of being sick.  For nearly a month I’ve felt like crap and I’m over it.  Actually, that’s the problem.  I’m not over it, but I’m ready to be.

As I would rather not wallow in my own self-pity, I’m going to focus on happy thoughts.  Specifically, what I will do as soon as I am able and well.

I will go to Crossfit! 
I was able to hit the gym at the hotel the first day we arrived before the black plague of death got its claws in me and get in a pretty awesome workout.  I did it Tabata style and got some of the best looks.  I think I would have been ok had I been able to avoid the grunting.  But as a true Crossfitter, during the single arm DB snatches there was grunting.  Lots of it.  I guess sounding like you’re having mad passionate sex in the weight room draws attention.  Good to know.

I will ride my bike!
I missed my bike when I was away.  I had a sort of epic 32 mile ride right before I left and am anxious to repeat that process.  I like that I’m seeing gains in my cycling ability, and know that the more I ride the more I will see so I’m ready to get back at it.  Although, given all the beer at the conference, I’m NOT ready to be back in spandex in public just yet, so maybe my phlegm hiatus isn’t the worst thing in the world.

I will clean my house, again!
After my last bout with Strep throat I cleaned every inch of my house with bleach, replaced our toothbrushes, washed our sheets and comforter and basically took every precaution I could to put us in a germ free zone.  Obviously, I didn’t have that much control over all the grungy public places I’ve been over the past 5 days.  When this is over, I’m going to sterilize everything again to be sure that this is the last time that I have to deal with the snotty-fest that has been my life lately.

Between the power of positive thinking and the power of powerful antibiotics, I’m sure I’ll be better in no time.   In the meantime, I’ll be leaving the cranky pants at home and chugging along the best I can.


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