Hot supernatural sex… yeah, you’re gonna read it aren’t ya?

I admit it, I’m a glutton for trashy fiction.  Specifically anything involving zombies, vampires, werewolf’s and lots of hot supernatural sex, but I can really dig pretty much anything with a snarky female main character who kicks some butt.

Since I was doing my best hermit impression this weekend and didn’t get off the couch but to pee or refill my sippy cup, I got a lot of good trashy reading in.  The iPad, complete with the Nook app truly was my gift from God, as I literally had unlimited trashy novel potential right at my fingertips.

I’m sure some of you are curious as to what I read, and it’s possible some are even looking for recommendations.  Allow me to answer your question without leaving you in thrall, I will never EVER admit the titles of these books, nor will I recommend any of them one way or another.

Sure, I’ll admit to reading them.  But I’ll be a unicorn in a non-fiction biography before I admit to more than that.

My husband teases me all the time that I read the crappiest stuff for being so intelligent.  I have no good excuse.  I think at some point in my geeky young adult life I decided that  I would read marketing and advertising books, learn leadership and management best practices, and keep my publicly seen bookshelf readily stocked with volumes that help to enhance this whole “smart girl” thing I’ve got going on.  But, if I was going to read for pleasure, it was going to be mindless.

I’m happy to report that I am full to the brim with mindlessness today.  And while I will never share with you publicly what I’ve read, I am ALWAYS looking for recommendations.  So followers, if you have any guilty pleasure authors or books you’re willing to share, I would love to hear them!

In the meantime, I’ll be elbows deep in my zombie horde trying not to get bitten.


3 thoughts on “Hot supernatural sex… yeah, you’re gonna read it aren’t ya?

  1. This is so G rated, but I’m finally getting around to reading Harry Potter since my niece and nephew literally can not hold a conversation with someone who hasn’t read them.

    1. I completely support the Harry Potter series, and will even admit to having read them. Espeically the last few books! They’re extremely well written, not that you would expect anything less from J.K. Rowling.

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