I hate bad metaphors, especially when they’re sorta right


Marriage is weird.  I’m completely comfortable admitting that as I’ve been contractually obligated to love my husband even when I don’t really like him that much for going on 9 years now, and don’t regret a minute of it.

But let’s face it, it’s weird.

What other thing in our life would we devote so much time to enhancing and improving, no matter how miserable it makes us?

I once hear someone equate marriage to exercise.  The more effort you put in the better your results kind of a thing.  That person is wrong.  If I spent as much time obsessed about my marriage as I do Crossfit, my husband would smother, wilt and die.  He is fiercely independent and so am I, he would go crazy if I put that much “effort” into our relationship.

Then again, there are absolutely some commonalities there.

In the middle of a brutal WOD, especially one that has burpees in it, I freaking hate Crossfit.  I hate it with every fiber of my being.  I can not understand why I’m doing this to myself.  I’m telling myself I’m better than this, or not good enough for this, and wishing that it was just over already.  I might break down and cry.  I might swear that I’m going to quit.  I might never want to do it again.

Then somehow, I get through it.

And the next day I’m back for more.  Not because I am a glutton for punishment, but because I realize shortly after breaking through that barrier that those thoughts in my head in the thick of it were lies, and Crossfit truly makes me happy and better.

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship doesn’t need me to spell out the commonalities here.

My husband, regardless of his frequent near-death-because-I-almost-killed-him experiences, is a burpee.  Our marriage is, at times, that really hard WOD.

We made a promise to each other early on, and through everything have kept it.  We will never, ever fight without becoming a better couple for it.

Every fight has a reason.  Something started it.  Something triggered it.  There is growth to be had from that disagreement, a lesson to be learned, and a chance to be better communicators and a stronger couple as a result.

I haven’t killed him yet.  Here’s hoping with all the Crossfit I don’t Hulk out on him and break that promise.

4 thoughts on “I hate bad metaphors, especially when they’re sorta right

  1. This is awesome. I love it. I agree with the comparisons! And this is why I love Crossfit…sometimes I wish I could love my boyfriend as much as I love crossfit, but it’s better I don’t. He’s better off with it the way it is! 🙂

    1. Eh, I’ll admit… I love my husband as much as I love Crossfit. Actually, I love him more. But I don’t… what’s the right word… obsess about him as much as I do about Crossfit? If I did, he would be crazy. Seeing as pretty much half of any given day I’m doing something Crossfit related… could you imagine if that focus and attention was on him? Not to mention what our freaking phone bill would be. Jeebs.

  2. Awwww that’s sweet. And I love the quote at the top, lol! I’m engaged, and when my fiancé says something particularly obnoxious or stupid, I tell him I’m “seriously rethinking some things regarding our relationship.” All in good humor, of course 🙂

    1. I reguarly (jokingly!) tell my husband that I have the liberty to renegotiate our contract at any time, so he better be nice or else he will never have clean underpants again. 🙂

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