I think I lost my Crossfit mojo


I literally have zero desire to go to the box.  I went one day last week, and went at 6 a.m. yesterday… but totally bailed because after the warm up I was so lightheaded and dizzy I had tunnel vision.

20 minutes and some sugar later, I went home and laid flat on my back for a half hour until the spinning stopped.

I had good intentions of getting back there last night, even left work early to make the 5:30 class, and instead did a serious wine WOD instead.  I think it’s needless to say, wine WOD till 11 = no 6 a.m. class today either.  And a very very angry head to boot.

I realize not everyone is 100% motivated 100% of the time.  Even I have experienced the i-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed moments, but this is different 

Granted, there are things going on in my personal life at the moment that are weighing on me.  My mood is more up and down than usual, and those of you who know me are probably having trouble comprehending as I’m a hot mess normally.

I need to remind myself that excuses like those above aren’t going to put me any closer to my goals.  I think I also need to remind myself that this isn’t just about weightloss.

Yeah, I want to look good naked.  Yes, I have a size I would like my body to be.

But I want to be STRONG.  I want to be FIT.  I want to know that anything I want to do physically, whether it’s rock climbing or mountain biking or surfing or zip lining, my body is capable of.

Crossfit gives me that confidence.

It has the ability to give me the body I want, and has the friendship, the family, the camaraderie and support that helps me every step of the way.

I can’t reap the benefits of Crossfit if I don’t (say it with me kids) GET MY ASS TO THE BOX!

So here’s my pep talk to myself.  I’m putting it out there because I bet I’m not the only one who needs one of these every once in awhile.

Feel free to cheer me on.  Feel free to tell me to get off my ass.  Feel free to tell me how Crossfit has made YOU successful.  I need it all right now.


15 thoughts on “I think I lost my Crossfit mojo

  1. Everyone has “those days”….remember what made you start crossfit.

    When you’re getting ready to go (if you can), put on the most KICK-ASS MUSIC…THE MUSIC THAT GETS YOU PUMPED…AND Get your booty to the box! You got this!

  2. Sometimes you might need a break mentally from CrossFit — it is exhausting mentally as well as physically. Maybe this is your body telling you to give yourself a break for a few days? A lot of people talk about a “deload” week every 4 weeks where you cut back on weights & intensity to give yourself a break. Maybe this is your “deload week”?

    BUT if that’s not the case, then GET BACK TO THE BOX! 😉 And what helps is reminding yourself exactly what you said: “I can’t reap the benefits of Crossfit if I don’t (say it with me kids) GET MY ASS TO THE BOX!”

    I remind myself on weeks I don’t feel motivated that if I don’t get there, I will never accomplish what I want to accomplish. I’ll never get the ass I want if I sit on it at home. That has become my mantra 🙂

    1. That is a SERIOUSLY great mantra! Thank you!

      I’ve taken entirely too much time off, so I doubt this is my body telling me to rest. The first week, maybe. But once I body started whispering “wine” and “cheetos” I knew it was lying.

  3. It could be a feeling of being burnt out on crossfit. Maybe a different workout may be in order, to Change up the pace a bit. Nothing you can half-ass and phone in, but a change in scenery may be what your body is trying to tell you, you need.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think I’m burnt out, I think I’m letting the lazy part of my brain win. Crossfit is almost as much fun as sex, who gets burnt out on that?!

  4. Hang in there, I think we all feel like that, but some people just don’t talk about it. This is week 12 for me & I still feel like I am going to die every time I leave, & it frustrates me so much~ We just gotta get on the bull & grab it by its horns!! Nothing wrong with wine & Cheetos~ We r human!!

  5. Just remember–CrossFit workouts are pretty short, and the feeling after you’re done is like none other. I’m new enough to CF that we’re still in the honeymoon phase, but in the past I’ve noticed that the less I want to work out beforehand, the better I feel after it’s all over. Fake it til you make it! (And maybe buy some new workout clothes or shoes, that always helps me.)

  6. Sometimes we all have things going on in our personal lives that keep us away from the box. I was just out for 2 weeks because I had to shift my focus for a career certification. When I finally got back in this Tuesday, I was a little surprised not to see you there and wondered for a minute if your back injury was still going on. It was great to see you and help cheer you on to finish this morning. Just remember, when you’re not around people definitely notice and you never know who is wondering where you are 🙂

    1. I’m not even a hugger and that seriously make me want to hug you. Thanks Patty, and thanks for the push this morning! We really do have the most inspiring and supportive group of people at our box.

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