Yay day 2 in a row at the box!  Sadly, slight back tweak (more about that below), but whatever, I made it.  At this point, showing up is progress.

Warm Up: The usual.  My wall walks are improving until my arms get tiered, but I’m getting much closer to the wall than I ever have before.

SWOD: Hang Clean- 5×3

Warm Up: 10 clean pass thrus @ 33
10 front squats @ 33


I failed the 3rd rep as I didn’t get anywhere near a full extension and was leaning forward on the squat.  Set up again, pulled and back said NO!

Both the coaches saw it happen and said, “What the hell was that?”  I guess it looked as bad as it felt.

I spent the remainder of the SWOD rolling my lower back with two softballs taped together.  It is very sore and twitchy.


20 double unders
20m walking lunges
20m broad jump
20 wall balls

Time: 11:58 with Step ups instead of wall balls

I gave a wall ball a try and my back literally felt like it was going to punch me in my face (go ahead, try to figure that one out), so I asked for an alternate.  Bearded coach (you guys like your nicknames?) said to do step ups instead, and since those didn’t hurt I went with it.

As a side note, holy CRAP broad jumps SUCK!  I have never done those in a WOD before but seriously?  Jumping for four rounds is hard enough, but jumping AND trying to move forward?  Clearly, this is an area for development for me.

Penguins don’t usually leave the ground you know.  We waddle folks.  It’s our thing.


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