Bragging about my box

true love

I really love it when two people who I think probably look freaking awesome together naked get married.  Is it weird that I think about my Crossfit coaches naked?  Eh, if you knew them, you would too.  They’re freaking hot.

Today Pervy-but-we-love-him-anyway coach and Super-awesome-girl-coach are tying the knot, and all joking aside, I am so happy for them I can hardly stand myself.  I’ve posted more than once about how amazing my box is, and I recognize that it’s because of them that I am surrounded by a community of people who motivate, support and inspire each other daily to simply be better.  There’s only one way that happens, when leaders nurture it.  They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, and ours as well.  It’s kind of storybook perfect (in that borderline nauseating kind of way) that they found each other and have built this life together.

My grandma always used to say, “the proof is in the pudding,” so with the permission of the authors, I wanted to share here just two samples of  posts from our members only Crossfit group.  This is the level of AWESOME our coaches foster, and the caliber of people I get to call my Crossfit family.

Posted this morning by super-motivational-guy-with-lickable-abs:
“Prescription to awesomeness; All right people WAKE UP!!! Time to be the change you wish to see in yourself. 1st step begins with how you roll out of bed. No matter what foot hits the ground, make sure it’s the “right” one that will lead you down your focused path of positive attitude. Appreciate everything today, be thankful, helpful, and lead by example. Frustration has no home in your head today.  Keep this focus throughout the day, infect everyone around you, spread this energy, and then bring it into the box and watch the sum of your focus propel you to achieve your goals. See you at the box…I will be the loud one, in case we haven’t met…and I do want to meet you!!!   STAY STRONG AND POSITIVE, WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL ACHIEVE!!!”

Posted last night by shy-new-guy-who-kicked-some-ass:
“Tonight was awesome. I’ve been a bit timid since joining not quite knowing what the hell was going on around me but went with the flow. Tonight the group I was paired up with was positive and pushed me and things just felt like they clicked into place. This is not like anything else I’ve been a part of. I’m all in. Can’t wait for tomorrow!”

If you’re part of my Crossfit circle, know that you seriously inspire me.  Every single one of you.

If you’re someone who simply reads this blog, feel free to be jealous, because I’ve got it pretty darn good.

And more than anything, if you’re someone wondering if Crossfit could be for you, drop into your local box TODAY.  I am obviously drinking the kool-aid, but this can be life changing.  For me, it wasn’t necessarily about the exercise or the fitness pieces.  Sure, I’m doing things I’ve never done before and stronger than I’ve ever been, but that pales in comparison to the strength that being a part of this group has given me.

In so many ways, Crossfit rocks.

So thanks sexy coaches.  Post your beautiful pictures and bring tears that I won’t ever tell anyone about to my eyes.  You guys deserve more happiness than I could ever figure out how to write about.  I know you will find it with each other.


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