Everyone needs a mantra

inner demons

I talk to myself.  A lot.  Usually it’s not out loud, I don’t want to end up being forcefully dragged to the loony bin, but it’s safe to say I pretty much always have some sort of internal monologue going at any given point in time.

I’ve recently realized when it comes to Crossfit, my inner speak will either make or break me.

We’ve all had those days where the voices in our heads are saying things like, “Can’t” or “don’t want to” or “you’re lazy and fat and ate pizza last night so you might crap your pants on deadlifts.”  Obviously, those are not helpful things to be hearing as you’re, let’s just say, deadlifting.

Over the past several months, I’ve gotten much better about limiting my internal negativity.  During hard WOD’s I focus on giving myself a pep talk.  When I feel like I can’t do one more burpee if my life depends on it, I take a few deep breaths and then tell myself YES I CAN, while nodding my head in affirmation at the same time.  I know that I have a tendency to give myself the “can’ts” and I simply try not to allow it.

However, that’s not always successful.

Sometimes, no matter how much I want myself to know that I can be successful, that negative self talk creeps in.

Luckily, I have another weapon in my arsenal.  The Mantra.

If I can’t shut up my brain, I just give it ONE THING to think about.  One thing, only one thing.  One positive thing.  One short positive thing that falls into a rhythm with every breath, every rep, every grunt and every moment that feels like I might just die.

Usually, I don’t plan these out ahead of time.  They typically only emerge mid-WOD when I realize that I’m limiting myself in my mind.  I mentally bitch slap myself, retrain my thoughts, and focus on whatever those few words are that carry me thru the rest of the workout.

As a result, some of these are freaking hilarious kids.

We all need to find our ways to get us through, so for your reading pleasure, here are the most recent mantras that have carried me through a WOD.  Feel free to use them yourself, if you can without laughing.

During DB Squat Cleans“I want a perky ass.  I want a perky ass.  I want a perky ass.”

During a WOD with a lot of running: “Every day I’m shufflin’.”

During push ups in Murph: “Don’t smash your boobs.  Don’t smash your boobs.”

During Thursters: “Reverse cowgirl like a porn star.  Like a porn star.  Like a porn star.”

So what about you guys?   Have any inspiring phrases or mantras that you use to help get you through the tough ones?  Feel free to share.  Obviously, I could use some new material.


8 thoughts on “Everyone needs a mantra

  1. Hi Nicole! I’ve been teaching group fitness classes for about three years now, so I have an internal dialogue going on while I am also coaching others along out loud… One of my favorite instructors, who actually got me started teaching Les Mills BODYPUMP, always used to say to the class “if you don’t squeeze it, ain’t nobody else going to want to squeeze it either.” Always thought that was a funny line… I must admit when the time is right, I have used a version or two of it. People are motivated not only by their own desires to achieve, but also by being desirable to others. 🙂

    1. Haha, ok this is really embarassing to admit, but I’ve used “make your nipples hard” on cleans before… because you want the bar SO close to your chest it’s almost *too* exciting, ya know?

    1. Better than humming the “wicked witch of the west” theme song from the Wizard of Oz while you’re riding a bike. Not that I do that or anything… no… never.

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