Man I’ve been sleeping like poo.  This makes nights #3 that I went to bed early, and was up at 12, 1, 2, 2:15, 2:28, 2:56, 3:08… you get the idea.  I usually finally fall back to sleep around 4 only to have the alarm go off at 5:30.  I’m riding tonight so I don’t have an evening WOD option, so I managed to get out of bed anyway but geez.  I’m really looking forward to a complete night of sleep sometime soon.  My REM cycle must still be on vacation.

Warm Up: The Usual.  Knee felt fine on lunges, so evidently whatever was going on last night worked itself out.

Mobility: Foam roll everything.  Hamstring stretch with giant bungee cord.  Double lacrosse ball down the spine.

Ahhhhh so good.

15 minute AMRAP

10 db push press
20 doube unders
10 Toes to Bar
20 KB Swings
10 db lunges (each leg)

Score: 3+25 with 15 lbs DB and 25 lbs kettle bell.

For as much as I complained during this workout, this was actually really fun.  I love push press in a WOD.  Any WOD.  And any weight actually.  Since right now, I love push press.  It’s my favorite.

My biggest limiter on this workout was my freaking grip strength.  I NEED to continue to improve it.  After one round I could barely grip the KB, and I was having to do the T2B (aka, knees not-as-pathetically-as-when-I-first-started-to-boobs) in sets of 3-5.  My hands HURT, and not exactly the small blisters but more like my actual fingers from trying to grip the bar so hard.  Who knew I was such a baby in this regard?

Otherwise, good workout.  I kept a good pace and think that I was using the appropriate weight to really get the most out of this longer chipper.


3 thoughts on “7.10.2013

  1. My grip strength is awful, too. How do you improve it?? I can’t hang on for a long time so I have the same issue with T2B (haha — also knees to boobs).

    1. I think the only way to improve it is to work on it more. We recently added 2 rounds of 10 kipping swings into our warm up, and that seems to have helped a lot. I think I’m going to add 2 rounds of 10 into a cool down ritual too.

      My hubs suggested I get one of those boingy things that look like a mini weight collar to bring to work so I can squeeze it all day to improve my grip. I feel like that’s either (a) something out of a bad 80s movie or (b) something only a porn star should do at work… but I’m still considering it.

      Maybe it’s time to ask my coaches for advice? LOL

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