I’m a little behind on posting workouts.  Let’s get caught up, shall we?

“Mom” and “Dad” are away in Hawaii getting married, so we’ve got Coach Shifu and Captain America coaching 6 a.m.  I’ve got to tell ya, these are some cool dudes.  It’s interesting to me how different coaches will pick up different things about your form and give different cues.

Anyway, here’s today’s workout.

Warm Up- The usual

SWOD: Press 5×3
Warm Up 10 @33

The last set was HARD.  I actually had to do two reps, re rack, and then do the third.  I still hate this lift, but the more I focus on keeping my core tight and not arching my back when the weight starts to feel heavy, the easier it seems to be.

WOD: How far can you go in 7 minutes of:
Push Ups 2
Push Ups 4
Push Ups 6

Score: 10+17 @ 53

I got farther with this than I thought I would.  I also used more weight than I planned on.  I was concerned about the SDHP with my cranky back, but found that not only did it not hurt at all, but I felt good enough that I added 10 lbs over where I planned to be.

The last round or so sucked, but otherwise, this was fun!


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