My alarm clock and I had another disagreement this morning and I found myself around 7:30 snorting myself awake in a puddle of my own drool. Needless to say, I overslept the 6 a.m. class.
I’m not willing to let myself get away with anything less than my best effort, so I sucked it up and went to the 6:30 p.m. class. Husband ended up working late, so it worked out well for us… minus the fact that I really REALLY wanted to be home in my fuzzy slippers updating my blog instead.
Warm up: The usual
We got all the way thru the warm up to the very last thing that we do, 10 OH squats with a broom stick, and somehow things went wrong. The SWOD is back squats, and I was super excited to do them, as I haven’t had a chance in forever and I’m positive I’m going to PR.
I squat for the first OH warm up squat and something feels funny in my left knee. I pop back up and shake it out, go for another and it’s now more than funny, it’s painful.
Long story short, I end up not doing back squats. I have a weird stabbing pain on the outside of my left kneecap when I reach the bottom of the squat and go to press back up.
I try foam rolling and it makes no difference. Coach Wolverine wraps my knee up in this super tight band and makes me squat with it, and then proceeds to grope all over my legs telling me to verbally tell him when it hurts.
I start by saying “now”, then progress to saying “ow”… and since we all know my filter completely goes away when I’m in pain eventually I get to “oh yeah right there baby” in my best sexy voice.
Coach Wolverine about falls over laughing.
I’ve gotta say, this is the first time I broke this guy. Usually, I can’t even get him to smile. So I PRed Coach Wolverine, all was not lost.
WOD: I had to modify the planned WOD as it had running (not ouch but Kevin said no), Squats (ouch) and sit ups. Mine was:
3 rounds of:
1 minute Air Dyne
2 minutes 5 sit ups, 5 back extensions
Rest 1 minute
Score: 147
So hey guess what, back extensions suck when you have been babying your back for a month. But they never hurt, so that’s positive. It wasn’t as much fun as the WOD everyone else got to do (have I mentioned I love squats?), but I showed up. A for effort, and let’s face it, for not just quitting when my knee hurt.


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