Let me start by saying, today is day 4 of the Whole 30 and I am firmly in the middle of “I feel like a big steaming pile of crap so don’t even effing look at me” phase.  It’s awesome.  My body feels like lead and I just want to sleep and punch things.

Oh my God, I’m grumpy cat.  I’m grumpy cat with opposable thumbs.  Awesome.

Warm Up:  The usual.

SWOD: Was supposed to be clean DL, but my back is still cranky and I’m only cleared to do “very light” deadlifting.  Since my knee had some sort of weird freak out fest on Tuesday when I was supposed to back squat and I wanted a new PR, I asked Coach Shifu if I could do that instead.

Clearly, he realized I am thisclose to throat punching anyone who stands in my way today, so he wisely said yes.

Back Squat 5×3
1×10@ 33 warm up- knee felt fine.  Seriously, what was that about on Tuesday?
1×3@53 easy
1×3@63- hey there’s my quads
1×3@73- oof ok yeah we did some KB swings yesterday
1×3@ 83- my previous PR… um, yeah, I can do way more than this
1×3@ 93- well sure it’s heavy, but I can still do more than this
1×2@103- Sweet 100 club!  Annnnd then I fell on my ass HARD on the 3rd rep.  My form was going so I was leaning forward so I tried to correct and just leaned WAY too far back.

No matter though.  I’ll take a 20 lbs PR any day of the week… and twice on Thursday (see what I did there?).

Run 400m
7 Deadlift

Time: 13:48 @ 53 lbs

Since I am able to deadlift, just not any real weight, I figured something is better than nothing and kept the movement in this WOD.  It was insanely light.  I didn’t struggle at all.  However, the run about KILLED me.  My legs were SO heavy and I felt like I was running in sand.  Thank you Whole 30 for making my penguin waddle resemble something more like a sloth suffle for the next few days.

I got thru it.  I didn’t puke.  It was a good day at Crossfit.


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