Shoulda been a phone sex operator

Sometimes I wonder if there’s something about me that makes me the kind of person you tell things that you would never normally admit to anyone outloud ever.  I like being that person, but wowie I learn some interesting things about my friends and relative strangers.

It’s usually things about sex.  Now, I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m pretty comfortable talking about sex.  You may have noticed.  I usually keep my filter firmly in place, but in situations where it’s ok to discuss porn, spank banks and the like, I do so with ease.

Maybe it’s because I don’t get squirmy?  Everyone has their “kink” if you will, and I can appreciate yours and won’t judge you because I have my own.

Maybe it’s because I’m curious and tend to ask questions to make them feel more comfortable talking about whatever subject they’ve brought up?  Sure, sometimes it ends with them admitting that they recently had their first ever foot job or golden shower, but aren’t we closer friends because of it?

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for whichever personality trait people see in me that leads them to believe that I am trustworthy and capable of shouldering their secrets.

And then blogging about them later.

Right, should probably work on that part.


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