Yet again, my alarm and I waged war for the 6 a.m. class.  I am bigger, so I won, but really it wasn’t a victory to be celebrated.  I ended up dragging my ass to the 6:30 p.m. class to try to outrun the monsoon.

Warm Up: The usual

Mobility:  Foam roll lats, lacrosse ball the snot out of my back

SWOD: Push Press 5×5

1×10@33 warm up
1×5@ 53
1×5@ 63

This felt really great.  I was paired up with two girls I hadn’t lifed with before.  One was really strong overhead.  She kept wanting to jerk it.  That lead to a round of hilarity with Coach Shifu making “that’s what she said” jokes until we all lost our composure.  It was sensational.

In regards to the weight, the 78 was heavy, but not as heavy as the last time I lifted it.  I probably should have tried for 83, but I’m not sure I could have made the full 5 reps.  As a reminder to myself, next time, especially if we’re doing a rep scheme of 3, try for more weight.

Run 250
25 DUs

Time: 11:20

It’s no secret that I’m the slowest runner on the planet, so this actually wasn’t *that* slow for me… even though I got lapped by nearly everyone in the class on my 4th round.  I didn’t care, I finished gosh darn it.  I even had some company in the form of future-frolicking-dad-to-be who played cheerleader for me on the last lap.  I sorta wanted to punch him because he was walking BACKWARDS as fast as I was running (I wish I was exaggerating), but in the end it was really motivational.

I also ran into sexy-soccer-girl who skipped the morning as well and we made a 6 a.m. pact for Tuesday.  Always nice to have someone who you know will make fun of you if you skip.

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