Whole 30: Day 11 Update- The Truths You May Not Expect

whole 30 timeline

I’m officially one third of the way thru the Whole 30 and thought it might be fun to do a little status update for all the inquiring minds who want to know how it’s going.  Obviously, as this is me we’re talking about, this will be more of the honest-shit-they-don’t-tell-you-on-the-website stuff that you can look forward to should you ever choose to do this challenge as well.

Without further ado, here’s the top 5 things that have changed since I started Whole 30.

I poop all the damn time.

I wish I was joking.  Anyone who read this post  knows how I feel about pooping, but the short version is, it pisses me off.  Especially at work.

But I guess when you’re eating this many veggies, and avocados like they grow on trees or something, it happens.

I sleep like I’ve never slept before.

It’s arguable that what I’m doing should actually be called “hibernation” or “coma.”  Last night was a solid 12 hours that would have been completely uninterrupted if I didn’t need to wake up to pee (which involved poo.  See #1).  I am traditionally a bit of an insomniac, so this is really a welcome change.  Which brings me to my next point…

I have the most cracked-out dreams you can imagine.

Last night I dreamt that I ate an Egg McMuffin and got violently ill and was so disappointed in myself that I considered offing myself.  But I never got the chance because zombies attacked and yummy-handstand-push-up-guy saved us by doing, you guessed it, handstand push-ups.  And that’s just what I REMEMBER kids.

I think about sex ALL THE TIME.

I mean, I already thought about sex all the time, but at the moment it’s SO much worse.  If I had to guess I would say it’s the combo of my body looking damn good right now, and the extra nutrients or something playing my libido like a fiddle.  Husband doesn’t seem to mind this effect as much as the poo, so as long as I avoid dry humping the legs of strangers, this one can stay as far as I’m concerned.

I feel SO much better.

Here’s the part where I tout the benefits of this program, even though in the short term I’m still cranky and feeling the side effects of the lack of sugar.

I know that I’ve lost weight.  The jiggly stomach thing I usually have going on is pretty much nonexistent.  After only 11 days, every pair of pants I own fit better.  Other than the constant poo, I have absolutely no stomach issues.  I don’t even think I fart.  I’m serious, my colon has never been happier.

I’m also noticing other unexpected differences.  I used to get heartburn all the time, but realized just yesterday that I haven’t touched the Tums in my desk at work since I began this challenge.

My skin is crystal clear.  I’ve always been pretty lucky in that area, but I literally do not have a single pimple to speak of right now.  In addition to that, my fingernails are growing so fast that my manicure that was supposed to last 2 weeks got changed yesterday after only 10 days because I was starting to look trashy.

I am so so ready to be in the weeks where the “energy boost” happens, and I know it’s just around the corner.  I’ll throw it out there that I have not cheated even a little bit, even once on this program.  I am flat shocked that I’ve made it this far, but am falling into a pattern where following it is becoming very easy and I’m not thinking about it all that much.

I’m in this for the full 30 days, and possibly longer.  I knew all the science on the front end, but I couldn’t have imagined that already I would be seeing such positive effects.

Stay tuned for updates, but for the moment, I’m a believer.


8 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day 11 Update- The Truths You May Not Expect

  1. YEAH!!! All good stuff (even the pooping, because a healthy gut is a moving gut). I noticed better skin too–in fact I stopped washing my face. Seriously, I just do a splash with plain water when I’m in the shower, moisturize afterwards with straight-up grapeseed oil, and my face looks like a gooddamn Noxzema ad. (I almost never wear makeup, but when I do, it’s just on my eyes, and I take it off with cold cream. Still no washing.) Nobody believes me, either. It’s hilarious. Oh, and I used to rattle the windows with my burps; not so much anymore. I kind of miss that, but obviously it wasn’t normal, so whatever.

    Have you been peeing a lot more, too? When we first started, we were getting up three or four times a night to pee, and I was in the bathroom at least once an hour during the day. That didn’t last forever, just until the bloat and everything went away, but it was crazy.

    1. I don’t know if it is possible for me to pee more than I was before, but I pee ALL THE TIME. Probably once an hour at a minimum becuase of all the water I drink.

      It’s pretty incredible that I’ve only been doing this for 11 days and already see all these changes. The appearance of my stomach really is the most noticable thing, other than the poop.


  2. You crack me up and how serendipitous I stumble across this post just as I said today- The Whole 30 is my next “30 day Challenge” …I do a new one every month.
    I’m gonna hate giving up my weekly Swedish fish binge….

    1. Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions you might have as you go along. For as sarcastic and joking as I am about it in this post, I am following it very strictly, and seeing some really great results.

      I’ll throw it out there that, while it might not seem like it at first, you might find that half way thru something like sweedish fish doesn’t sound good to you at all. I’m a total laffy taffy whore, but at this point when I see them in the office I just kind of think “meh.”

      There’s a few things I will add back in right away (cream in my coffee, alcohol), but a lot of the stuff I might not ever. Strangely, candy is at the top of that list. Look forward to reading about your experiences!

    1. 🙂 I haven’t blogged about it much, other than brief mentions in the workout posts. But feel free to ask if you have any questions. It is admittedly VERY strict, but man I’m seeing some awesome results. Minus the almost passing out in every WOD I do… that part could be better.

  3. I am on day 4 and I am having a lot of very loose poo…is this normal? I also have been sleeping sooooo well and my stomach feels flatter than ever in my life.

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