Old Time Rock n’ Roll in my underpants


Evidently, I’m super fun even when I’m not drunk.

At least, that’s what my husband told me last night.

What a relief!  And I mean that seriously.

Before starting this Whole 30 thing, I’m not sure I realized how much alcohol I was consuming.  I mean, obviously, I knew that we are really social and go out 4-5 nights a week.  I also knew that going out meant drinking beer and hanging out with our peeps.  But I’ve got to be honest, I never really sat back and processed just how many beers I was drinking per night, or how important alcohol is to my social activities.

The first few times we went out during the first week of Whole 30 were really hard.  It was instinct to order a beer, or a glass of wine to compliment my meal.  Ordering water or unsweet tea just felt funny, and the fact that the bartenders at my favorite hangout spot looked at me like I had 6 heads didn’t make it much easier.

My friends at first were understanding, but mostly because I made up excuses.  I would say I had a hard workout and was just really thirsty, or that my stomach hurt so I didn’t want to pour beer on top of it.  But after the first week when I continued ordering water with lemon, they knew something was up.

One of the “boys” called me on it while out at dinner this week.  I admitted that I was doing Whole 30 and wasn’t drinking for 30 days.

He surprised the shit out of me when he said, “that’s really cool.”  We talked more, and not only did he respect what I was trying to do (after some serious ribbing and teasing), he left me alone about it for the rest of the night.

I don’t have the juice right now to psychoanalyze the reason why I didn’t just tell my friends I wasn’t drinking for 30 days.  I’m pretty sure I don’t like the idea of being the “girl on the diet” and figured by not saying anything, I wouldn’t end up in that sterotyped role.  I’m sure I also fell into the trap of thinking I am more fun, outgoing, and exciting to be around once I’ve had a few drinks and loosened up.

Over the past two weeks of this challenge, I’ve learned that’s not the case.  In fact, last night my husband and I went out and had more fun together than I think we’ve quite possibly ever had before.  The night culminated playing pool upstairs in our home, singing along to classic rock songs in our underpants.  And laughing harder than I have in my entire life.

Sober kids.  Stone cold sober.

It’s amazing the things I’m discovering along the way.  Maybe part of this is just finding myself.

6 thoughts on “Old Time Rock n’ Roll in my underpants

  1. That’s awesome. I love your flamingo pictures by the way—too funny.
    (Being Catholic) I gave up drinking for Lent for a few years….and the first year it was really hard…and I made myself miserable by making excuses–and trying to hide it. And then after that, it was just like WHATEVS…I’m not drinking for lent…”what are you gonna do about it FOO!”
    Most people are really cool about it, sometimes it creates some interesting bonds…you usually learn about yourself, and others around you—those that think it’s COOL, and respect it, and those that DON’T…..in which case….they can take a hike! You enjoy your water, and do your Whole30 thang in your underpants! I hope that underpants pool, karaoke party led to some no-pants-dance…. hmmm?

  2. Depending on the setting, I don’t always want to fess up to why I’m not drinking, either. I think part of me thinks saying “I’m not drinking because I’m doing a Whole30” gets translated to “I’m a fat ass, look at meeeee!” Obviously, my friends (as are yours) are great and wouldn’t go there. I do think my friends (and even my fiance) just don’t understand how deep this food and body image stuff goes. Anyway, awesome will power! Good job!

    1. You’re right about the food and body image stuff. I know my husband understands it, but that’s only because he’s been psychoanalyzing me for 10 years. The rest of the world shouldn’t have to be burdended with all my crazy. 🙂

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