Another evening workout for me.  I miss my 6 a.m. peeps, but lately my body is just needing the sleep it seems.

Warm Up- Yoga one.  Captain America was teaching this class and made us do some other odd bendy things, but it was mostly the same.

SWOD: Weighted Pull Ups 5×3

Since I have yet to do a single band assisted pull up due to being absolutely petrified of heights, this was a little daunting.

We paired up, and my first attempt involved me shaking like a leaf and feeling like I was going to vomit.  I kind of just hung there, then called “uncle” and got down.

Not sure what clicked, but after that first attempt I chalked up my hands, had my partner wrap about a thousand bugee cords around me, and I managed to get the 15 reps the coaches called for.  I had to use both the green AND blue bands to get my big ass up there, but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to successfully do something as I was to do these.

In the end, I think a lot of my fear was because my grip strength was so poor I was worried the bands were going to sling shot me upwards at ramming speeds, my grip would give out, and I would end up flying backwards over the bar, whapping my head, and waking up with severe brain damage and short term memory loss.  None of this happened, so of course, I want to try it again soon.

50 Russian KB swings
14 push ups
10 Hang Power Snatch

Time: 14:49 (I think???) w/25lbs kb and 33 lbs for Snatch

I really think I died in the middle of this WOD.  I’m just going to hope that one of the super hot guys that were doing it right along side me gave me mouth to mouth and restarted my heart and I just don’t remember it.

The thing about these really hard WOD’s is that there’s always a highlight or two that make me smile and help me eek out another rep or two.  First highlight was Captain America shouting at me around the half way point, “come on Nicole, you need to finish this WOD so you have something to blog about.”  Smartass.

The next was near the end of the WOD when I was fighting harder not to vomit than I was to finish the workout and Whole-30-Partner-In-Crime-Girl says, “pick up that kettle bell and swing it like you’re trying to hit some skinny bitch in the face.”  I’m not normally a violent person, but by God that got another 10 reps out of me when I didn’t think I had even one.

In the end I finished and collapsed in a puddle for a solid 10 minutes.  An observation- until I get through the hard part of Whole 30, I think I need to scale more than I have been.  There were lighter options available for both the KB and the Snatch, and had I taken them I probably could have finished this workout with the rest of the class.

I think I get so caught up in pushing myself hard and not taking any steps back that I’m scared to use lighter weights , but if there were ever a time to do it, now is it.


3 thoughts on “7.19.2013

  1. What’s wrong with being the last person to finish and working so hard you need 10 minutes to recover? I call that admirable and applaud your willingness to push yourself. Great job on getting over the mental barrier of pull-ups…now that’s out of the way you’ll be stripping off colored bands in no time. (I said “stripping” in the hopes that might get you a few more readers who are searching for good blogs to read!)

    1. Thanks for that reminder! You’re right, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Wow, you put a big smile on my face by giving me that gentle bitch slap. 🙂

      Hehe, stripping. Since the majority of the visitors to my blog use search phrases like, “fat kid with a boner” or “fat kid peeing out the window” (don’t ask, I have NO idea), stripping would actually be a welcome change!

  2. “pick up that kettle bell and swing it like you’re trying to hit some skinny bitch in the face.” BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I am SO going to use this as motivation this week in my WOD’s! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that lovely mental image.

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