Warm Up- The usual mix of panting sweating running and yoga.

SWOD: Press 4×5
Warm Up 1×10 @33
1×5 @53
2×5@ 63

Clearly, I failed the last two reps of the last set.  I re-racked and tried again, and failed that attempt as well.  I could feel myself arching my back, but just couldn’t correct my darn form.  Grumble.

I was happy that I was able to get in any reps at 68, as last time I wasn’t.

WOD: 3 Rounds

2 min AMRAP
5 burpees
10 air squats

Rest 1 minute

2 min AMRAP
5 jumping lunges (each leg)
10 ring rows

Rest 1 minute

Score: 173 (I think)

This was one of those WOD’s that looked fun on paper.  And I mean, I guess in hindsight it was fun, but man it kicked my ass.  It was really hot (duh it’s summer in Florida and I’m working out at the hottest part of the day GENIUS), and after the first round I was feeling it.  By the last round, I actually had to sit down during the one minute rest, but I finished.

I would whine more about Whole 30, but honestly, I’m sick of hearing myself say it.  So instead I’m just going to say, I did my absolute best in this workout.  I literally gave it everything I had, and that’s what matters at the moment.

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