Been awhile since I’ve done a WOD post.  Not to worry, haven’t missed any, I’m an addict.

So we’re officially in the new box.  The word INCREDIBLE doesn’t even begin to describe this place.  They literally built, from the ground up, a Crossfit playground that’s the side of your average Wal-Mart.  Every single piece of equipment in the place is brand new, but that’s not even the best part.  The best part, to me, is that we have everything.  Literally, enough rowers that we can do rowing WODs.  Benches to bench press.  Slam balls.  Fat bars.  Monekey Bars.  SHOWERS.  I’m in complete awe.  I am so SO proud to be part of this group and to see the success of our box.

I went to highschool with the owner, Pervy-but-we-love-him-anyway-coach, and as silly as this is, it makes me really proud for him to open the doors on this place.  We didn’t exactly grow up in a booming metropolis where kids were achieving their dreams, and for him to do this, it’s really something.  So YAY!  We now have tortures that I hadn’t even imagined existed to be exposed to.  But first thing is first, need to break in the first WOD in the new place right.

SWOD: Push Press 4×5
1×5 @ 33 warm up
1×5@ 53 warm up
1×5@ 63
2×5@ 73
1×5@ 78

I felt really weak going into this, but kept focusing on a big push and keeping my rib cage down.  I was really happy getting that 78 overhead 5 times.

WOD: Squat Grace

Time: ?? @ 30lbs

So I had really good intentions of doing this heavy, but by the time we got to the WOD I was feeling really REALLY weak and lightheaded.  I went at night, and think that I didn’t eat enough during the day.  Which, when I reviewed my food log later that day, was totally correct.  I’m still on Whole 30 (day 22 baby!), but am at the point where I’m just not hungry.  I had a super busy day at work and forgot that I only ate about half my lunch, leaving out a big hunk of protein AND fat.  Bad idea.

So needless to say, my WOD suffered.  I went super light and just got thru it.  And then went home and ate half a cow and a whole avocado.  Man I felt better after that.

Mmmmm.  Coooowwww.


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