If I didn’t rave about it enough in my last post, the new gym is freaking awesome.  I can’t get over this place.  Decided to come to the new 7 a.m. class, as it’s literally .2 miles from where I work and WE HAVE SHOWERS now.  I am so glad I did.  There were only 4 of us there, and we were working on Snatch, which is a movement I feel like I can still benefit from a lot of coaching on.

Warm Up:  The usual.  New route to run though, so that was kind of fun and different.  Bad news, private bakery was making something that smelled delicious and we got to run through the cloud of baconey air.  *DROOL*

SWOD:  Snatch
Warm Up:  3 hang power snatch, 3 OHS, 3 squat snatch
1×3@ 33
3×3@ 43

My hands were killing me.  The new bars are SO pretty, but they’re still really rough.  I actually tore on my left hand on the third set, so I pussed out on this lift.  I admit it.  I’m a baby.

That said, coach filmed me doing these and it was SO COOL to see!  I pull a tiny bit early, but not as much as I thought, and I get a pretty darn good hip extension.   That said, I lean way too far forward.  By the time I’m at my knees you can see my weight come forward, which is why I always have trouble landing these in a good squat stance.

I was able to make a little adjustment, but now that I know what to work on, I have a feeling this lift is going to improve quickly for me.

There’s nothing quite like seeing, in slow motion, frame by frame, what you do well and what needs work.

12 push ups
12 walking lunges (each leg)
Row 250

Time: 13:XX??

We aren’t writing our time on the board yet (because the board isn’t up yet!) so I can’t remember.  No matter, it was a fun WOD.  Used a band for the push ups so  I could actually do all of them on my toes… and here’s my confession… I should have used a lighter band.  Sure, they were hard by the end, but I could have physically done more in that respect.

Walking lunges however, were another story.  I don’t know why my brain doesn’t communicate with my body on this movement.  I feel like if I take a big enough step, my back knee won’t bend, or I fall over, or my legs don’t work or something.  Yeah, my quads were screaming, but I could literally feel myself doing these half assed.  Need practice I guess.

The row was fun.  I haven’t rowed in forever and it didn’t bother my back at all.  Though when I last rowed I think I was doing about a 2:07 pace and today was more like a 2:17.  Ouch.  Guess when you don’t do something regularly you lose fitness there, huh?

I literally can not wait to see what tomorrow’s WOD is and what we get to play with!

4 thoughts on “7.30.2013

  1. how do you do push-ups with a band? i can do some from my toes, but not many, unless i go hand release, and then i feel like I’m cheating a bit.

    1. Wrap the band around the pull up rig. Then loop yourself thru the band and pull it down around your lower abdomen or hips. So basically, the band is like a giant bungee cord pulling you back towards the rig. Make sense?

      Just be careful that the band doesn’t rip your shirt off when you try to get out of it. No seriously, it’s happened.

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