If I’ve seen you drunk or naked, we’re totally friends


You know what’s weird?  Making friends as a grown up.

You might find this hard to believe, but I’m a little socially awkward.  I have a tendency to get quiet in groups, as I prefer to listen rather than talk.  I also tend to make really bad and usually inappropriate jokes when I’m uncomfortable.

Once I open up around people I am pretty fun, but I’m a total dirty pervert.  I keep my filter in place as best as possible, but there’s a 99% chance that something is going to slip out at one point or another.

For this reason, making new friends, especially female ones, isn’t always a smashing success for me.

This brings me to yet another reason why Crossfit is awesome.

Sure, I have friends outside of Crossfit.  They know me and love me, despite all my quirks that I took care to slowly expose them to over time.  One of my newest friends is officially firmly in friend territory now as we’ve totally shared sex stories over wine.  This is after nearly a year of working together.

But Crossfit friends are… different.  First off, these people see me at my worst.  No make up, it’s questionable whether or not I’ve brushed my teeth, and I’m swearing like a sailor and making “that’s what she said” jokes without hesitation.

I’ve probably farted in front of all of them too.

And that’s just the first impression.

It’s been really interesting to me to see how these relationships have evolved over time.  So many have started as just the people I WOD with, but have really quickly become a friendship.  I totally teared up when I saw pics of super-awesome-girl-coach and pervy-but-we-love-him-anyway on their wedding day.  I care about muscley-firefighter-guy and his super-smokin-wife and how they’re doing.   Sexy soccer girl is one of my favorite people ever, and I totally saw her naked today so we have to be friends, right?  (Relax boys, the new gym actually has showers and a locker room so we were just getting ready for work).

Sure, having Crossfit in common is a nice start to a friendship, but I can’t help but believe that this is so much more than just a sport.  This isn’t just about sweating and lifting weight and going home.  We really kind of are a family, and as cheesy as it is to say, I believe that mentality and that bond really makes for some awesome friendships.

Then again, so do Tequila shots.

10 thoughts on “If I’ve seen you drunk or naked, we’re totally friends

  1. I’m a tequila shot girl myself and totally inappropriate in so many things I say at the worst possible time (if only people knew what I was thinking), and I’ve read about you being naked in the shower, so I totally consider myself your blogging crossfitter friend!

    1. Yay more friends! 🙂

      Yeah, I had a typical “nicole” moment yesterday. One of my co-workers father in law died. He hated this man.

      When he told me the news I said, “well, at least you didn’t have to be there when he went. Though if you had been, you could have muttered ‘good riddance.'” Evidently, that’s not something to say when someone is newly dead.


  2. I think we would totally be friends off the internet. I, too, make inappropriate jokes when I’m uncomfortable. Last weekend I was forced to hold my new one-day-old niece against my will. She was all warm and squishy (and NOT CUTE YET) and I felt weird, so I made a joke about cuddling a fresh loaf of bread and I don’t think her mom appreciated it. Like, at all.

    Crossfit was made for people like us.

    1. Yeah, I don’t do babies. When forced to hold my nephew for the first time I joked that his weight was even more evenly distributed than a football and I wondered aloud if I could throw him farther.

      We could totally be friends.

  3. Good stuff! I think one reason it’s hard to make friends outside of CrossFit once you get into it it’s hard finding people that understand your dedication to a fitness lifestyle. As a trainer alot of my friends and family think my job is just what I do 8-5 but they don’t understand it’s a lifestyle of eating right, working out, educating myself staying on top of new science, and helping people do the same. After awhile I just get tired of explaining to people why I go workout everyday or eat what I do or avoid other stuff. Why do I need to constantly explain and justify a choice to be the best version of me possible to people that treat their body like they have a grudge against it?

    1. That’s really an excellent point.

      I reached my limit here recently with defending to my non-Crossfit friends why I was eating what I was eating, or choosing not to drink until I can’t feel feelings every Friday night. I did a little friend housecleaning, and it felt pretty great. 🙂

    1. Well as a former fat kid, I was never on a team. Like, when the athletic kids had to pick teams for dodgeball, I was usually left un-picked. Not last to be picked mind you, but more like, “uh, no thanks, we don’t want her. No, not even as an easy target.”

      So this is kinda new to me. 🙂

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