I think the more times I allow myself to sleep thru the 6 a.m. class the harder it’s becoming to get my butt to the box.  I actually took two days off this week (Wednesday and Thursday) and slept through my alarm again this morning.

While I think it’s possible that my body actually did need the rest, I didn’t want to miss three days in a row, so I decided to subject myself to the 12 noon class.

In Florida.


At noon.

Dude, they say that the 6 a.m.ers are a different breed… I’m sorry but these noon kids are just crazy.

And I love them.

Warm Up:  A mix up of the usual.  My on-ramp coach was the one coaching today.  I feel like I haven’t seen him in ages, and it turns out he felt the same way.  It was kinda cool to have the dude who knew me when I couldn’t do a single push up and was struggling with the 33 lbs bar coach me through this grueling workout today.

And I totally made him blush.  Within like, the first 5 minutes.  So my day is truly complete.

SWOD: Deadlift 5×4
1×10 warm up @33
2×5 warm up @83
1×4@ 123
1×2 @ 133- too heavy
3×4@ 123

So first off, I have to say YAY!  Usually, I hate deadlift.  Ever since I hurt my back I’m super scared to do it.  We did 1 RM testing one week ago today and I could only pull 143 off the ground and it felt like literally everything I had.  Here, a week later, I was doing only 20 lbs less than that for sets of 4.

It gave me a lot of confidence that the coach was watching me closely and kept an eye on my form.  He corrected my initial pull, I get all set and then bend my elbows to give myself some “oomph” I guess, but it compromises my form.  We fixed it, and it felt good.

I also got to watch lickable-abs and the-monster deadlift and holy crap these guys are impressive.  They were both pulling over 400 lbs off the ground.   That’s like, two and a half of me.  Jeebs.

Run 400
Row 500

Time:  Who freaking knows?  I didn’t die.  Therefore I won.

Ok, this was a really hard WOD for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really a runner.  I don’t mind doing it, but I am SLOW.  Like, 12 minute miles are fast for me slow.  So WOD’s like this with a lot of running are really really challenging.  I actually really like rowing, and was super happy to see that I got my row time down quite a bit in this WOD.  At one point I was rowing a pretty consistent 2:07 and today I kept it around a 2:14 or so, which wasn’t too far off pace.

All of that said, holy crap there are some awesome people at my box.  I came in from running my last lap and everyone but myself and one other woman in class were completely done with the WOD.

Usually this means the coach and one or two people would cheer me on, but I swear to you, it felt like the entire class was yelling for me to push harder.  The-monster even jogged the last 100 with me and hopped on the rower next to me and kept saying things like, “don’t get beat by an old dude” as I was leaving it all on the floor.

Lickable-abs-guy was over my shoulder the whole time, and of course the coach was pushing my pace.

I really did almost puke.

When I finally got to the end, I rolled off the rower (no way I was standing up) and curled up in the fetal position.  I accepted all the high fives I could get, and as silly as it sounds, I took a minute to marvel at the fact that a group of people who I rarely workout with took the time to push me that hard.

It.  Was.  Awesome.

I love Crossfit.  Not a huge van of vomiting though.  Glad it didn’t come to that.



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