Blast it’s hot in Florida in August at noon!  Oh wait, that’s not news to anyone?  Yeah, me either.  But I figure, it’s a Crossfit post, I should just go ahead and get the complaining out of the way before I get to the good stuff.

That, and really, I should just GO AT 6 AM when it’s not as bloody hot.

Moving along…

Warm Up:  The usual.  Coach Shifu  was coaching the class and Super-Awesome-Girl-Coach was on hand too.  That’s one nice thing about coming at other times of the day, I love all of our coaches and I feel like every time I’m in class with each of them they teach me something new and make me better in different ways.

SWOD:  Cleans
Warm Up: 5 tall clean pass thrus @ 33lbs, 5 front squats @ 33 lbs
5 cleans from power position with full squat @33 lbs
3 cleans from your knees with full squat @33 lbs
3 cleans from your shins with full squat @ 33 lbs

Yeah, I was complaining by the end of the warm up.  Thanks Coach Shifu.

5×3 Cleans (ie Squat Clean)

So I did my first set of these and realized that my quads and hips are still TRASHED from the 31 Heroes WOD on Saturday.  Super-Awesome-Girl-Coach noticed it right away too and grabbed me and did some awesome hip and ankle mobility with me.

The other thing that she pointed out is that I have a tendency to turn my toes out when I squat, especially when I’m doing something like a squat clean that requires a little bit of a jump/foot reposition.  My natural tendency is to let my toes go out, which inevitably means my knees go in and my base isn’t as solid.

She spent some time with me going thru different cues when FINALLY we found one that really clicked.  She had me stand with my feet in a good squat stance, toes facing just about forward (which felt awkward to me), then turn my knees IN, then OUT, then SQUAT.  Holy crap, there it was.  The entire time I’ve been doing Crossift I’ve been focused on keeping my knees out, but I don’t think I even once thought about TURNING my knees out.  The minute she had me do that exercise (which to anyone watching it probably didn’t look like I was actually doing anything), I felt the activation in my glutes and I was instantly able to squat into a much more stable knees out position.

I need to practice it though, as when I tried to combine it with the clean movement I ended up doing a clean and then a front squat, as my toes still turned out, and I wanted to do the movement correctly.

It’s amazing to me that I’m still learning some of the “basics” a year later, but so cool to know that tiny change might have me squatting significantly more weight very soon.

10 lunges
5 push ups
50 ft bear crawl

Time: 13:??  I think the clock stopped at 13 minutes, and I know it took me longer than that, though probably not much.  I was thru 12 rounds at 6:37, and I’m pretty confident I kept my pace.

This was actually a REALLY fun WOD.  I totally forgot that I had just blogged the other day that I needed to use a band with less resistance during push ups though, and went with the pink one again.  It was too easy.  I don’t need that much help.  It’s cool to know I’m stronger than I realize, but I’m disappointed that I kind of got away with easy on the push ups.  Next time, PURPLE BAND.

The lunges worked out a little better for me this time.  I did them walking, even though it wasn’t required, because I need to practice those buggers.

The bear crawl was not as much of an epic fail as I feared it might be.  I’m not especially coordinated (as in, AT ALL) so I had all these visions of my hands not moving and my feet coming forward and ending up doing this epic face plant, but luckily it didn’t happen.  I survived.

And can I just say how AWESOME it is that we did a freaking 50 foot bear crawl INSIDE the new box?  And like, that wasn’t even 1/3 of the length of the box.  Maybe only 1/4.  This place is huge.


5 thoughts on “8.5.2013

      1. Oh, what I did as a progression was go from girl pushups on my knees to putting an abmat or two under my chest. That way “to the ground” for a hand release wasn’t really all the way to the ground. I went from there to big people pushups fairly quickly, taking everything into consideration. I never thought of a band assist.

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