Warm Up: The usual, only with rowing instead of running. So many pretty new rowers to play with. Coach Shifu had us row 500 and play with the resistance every 100m or so to get a feel for what we like best. I’m a fan of a solid 5.

Mobility/SWOD: Lots of stretching, and then 3×15 of side steps with a bungee cord around our ankles and GHD back extensions.

For the record, not that this is news to anyone, but GOD I’m a freaking WEENIE. The GHD back extensions scared the crap out of me. To the point I almost started crying.

Yeah, told ya, weenie.

Something about my face plummeting towards the ground just freaks me out.

Though by the 3rd set I was doing much better.
I wonder if I will ever just stop being afraid of stuff that really isn’t that scary?

WOD: Jackie
Row 1000m
50 thrusters @45
30 pull ups

Time: 12:25 with 33 lbs and jumping pull ups

This was fun. When they did this event this year at Regionals I thought at the time that I would like to try it, and got my chance! I seriously debated using the 45 lbs on the thrusters, but at the last minute decided to go a little lighter. I knew I would not be able to Rx the pull ups, and didn’t want to die.

This was a good choice. Those thrusters sucked bad. I did two sets of 8 and then had to drop to sets of 5 after that. My legs just didn’t have it.

The good news was, I was so pooped from the thrusters that I wasn’t even able to get scared about the pull ups. Having an irrational fear of heights makes anything where my head is above the bar not fun, but I just sort of hopped up there and did them. Granted, there was more hopping than pulling as my arms were tuckered out from that row.

It was fun. I wanna do it again.

3 thoughts on “8.7.2013

    1. Oh I loved it in the “man I’m gonna vomit. Hold it… holllllddddd ittttt” kind of way.

      I think I’m just kind of a sadist and I like thrusters. I know? Damaged. This girl right here.

      1. I like thrusters too…I don’t like to admit it to many people, but I like you so we can be in the we luv thrusting…er…thrusters club!

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