Warm Up: The usual. Holy moly my quads and hips are sore from all those thrusters.

SWOD: Deadlift- 4×4
Warm Up: 10 RDL @ 33
1×4@ 63
1×4@ 83
1×4@ 113 (that’s more like it)
2×4@ 123

The last set felt HEAVY. But again, these felt great. I did these really thinking about the “knees out” cue that finally clicked with me earlier this week and it was SUCH a big difference, especially on the first part of the pull. I could literally feel my outer thighs and glutes activate on the way up, which I can’t say I’ve ever noticed before. Usually I feel it in my lower back more than anything, not the case today.
I know I could pull more weight. Maybe a lot more. Fun stuff.

WOD: 4 Rounds of 3 minutes each
Run 400 then with time remaining in 3 minutes do AMRAP of:
Round 1: Box Jumps
Round 2: Slam Balls
Round 3: Sit Ups
Round 4: Burpees
Score is total number of reps.
Score: 5

So, I’m not a runner. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to even make it the 400s in under 3 minutes. So much so, that I pre-bargained with Coach Shifu that if at the end of 12 minutes I had only managed to run 3 laps that I got to stop, right?
For the record, he agreed with that logic, so I totally *could* have been a weenie on this workout.
But for me, I wasn’t at all. For ME, I ran the shit out of this thing.
The only lap I made it back with time to do any work was the first one. I got 5 step ups before it was time to run again. Each subsequent lap I was completing just as coach was saying, “5 seconds left.” I never even made it back in the box. I stopped, took maybe two deep breaths and then joined the rest of the class setting back out on the run.
But every. Single. Time. I made it back before the 3 minute mark.
This means, not only was I faster than I thought I would be, but that I didn’t slow down over the course of the workout. Keeping a consistent pace is something I struggle with, as mentally all I want to do is walk. I walked once for maybe 25 feet, and that was it.
I’m proud of my effort here. I didn’t quit on myself physically OR mentally.
Oh, and I banged out 50 sit ups when we were done because honestly, that was the only part of the WOD I wanted to do anyway.


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