Holy mother of God I’m sore today.  It appears I’m not alone though.  Even the coaches were foam rolling and moaning with us in class.

Warm Up: The usual

SWOD: Bench Press!  3×10

Dude, I haven’t even tried to bench since college.  And I remember the last time I did it I did the bar.  And thought I was cool.  Yay for new equipment that means new exercises!

1×10@33 warm up
1×10@43 warm up 2
1×10@ 48
1×10@ 63

Since I haven’t done these like, ever, every set was a PR.  But I was pretty happy with 63, it was heavier than I thought I would be capable of.  And truthfully, it wasn’t that heavy.  The last 2 reps were where my arms started to fatigue, but had it been a shorter rep set I could have gone significantly heavier.

WOD: Double tabata- SDHP and Goblet Squats

Score: 93 Rx!

So here’s my sadistic admission for the day.  I really like tabata.  Even a double.  It’s still short, sweet, to the point and there’s a built in rest period of trying not to vomit.

That said, I really don’t like goblet squats.  I think if my boobs were to sweat less they would be easier, but since my entire body just sort of turns into a slip and slide after the second round, I have to kettle bell wrangle with gusto.  It’s complex.

This was fun.  I was also really proud of myself for not using the KB I would usually use and stepping it up to Rx weight.  I know I’m physically capable of doing it, I just usually don’t push myself to.  I need to keep pushing.


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