6 a.m. class oh how I have missed you.  Mind you, not the 6 a.m. part exactly, but the cooler temps were a welcome relief.

Warm Up:  The usual.   My Achilles on both feet are really cranky today.

Skill:  We did some agility work with the ladder.  I won’t even try to say that I was confident about this stuff.  I have NO coordination.  But I impressed myself.  I didn’t trip once and my brain was able to communicate mostly effectively with my feet.  10 points for me.

SWOD:  Back Squat 3×8
1×10 warm up @33
1×8 warm up @53
3×8 @63

So I think I broke my squat.  Last week super awesome girl coach worked with me when we were doing cleans because my toes were turned WAY out at the bottom of my squat.  We did some great mobility stuff on my ankles and really worked on getting my butt down and my knees out, which is something that I historically haven’t had a problem with.

Today after my warm up set pervy-but-we-love-him coach grabbed me right away because my toes were way out and my stance was all wrong.  Same issue, knees were coming in because my toes were too far out.  Again worked to correct it and realized that my torso is collapsing at the bottom of the squat.  I’m leading with my belly rather than my butt.  What the heck?  I know I haven’t always done this.

I kept the weight really light so that I could focus on my form.  Knees out, toes forward, lead with the booty.  It was challenging, which just lets me know that I’ve likely been doing this incorrectly for awhile.  I think it’s possible that when I tweaked my back awhile ago I changed my form to compensate for the injury and the mistakes have just been compounding over time.

I’m really glad that I have coaches who notice this stuff so I can fix it before it becomes too ingrained, or I get hurt.  In the same breath, it sucks that I feel like I’m re-learning something that I was really good at.

WOD:  2 minute AMRAP of the following movements with 1 minute rest between rounds:

Airdyne (for calories)
Plank hold (every break = -1 from your score)
Row (calories)
Shuttle Run (50 feet = 1 rep)

Score: 64

This was fun!  Cardio heavy workouts tend to be ones I really enjoy as I was totally a cardio bunny before I met Crossfit.  The only thing that really killed me were the plank holds.  I broke 4 times, and after the first two took them from my hands down to my forearms/elbows.  My arms were feeling like jello after the burpees, so that was really challenging.

As an aside- it’s been awhile since I’ve set any Crossfit goals for myself and I think it’s time that I do.  With the new box opening literally across the street from where I work, I have more opportunity to train than I did before, and it’s always fun to be working for something specific.

I can’t make a full class during lunch, but I do get a break, and got the ok from coach today to come in for 30 minutes or so to work on skills.  As I’ve been doing Crossfit for nearly a year now, I think it’s high time I get these movements and they require some practice:

Double Unders
Toes to Bar
Pull Ups
Rope Climbs

So here’s the deal.  I will attend the M-F 6 a.m. class.  I also plan to do to the box at least 3 days per week during lunch to work on one (or more) of these skills.  The end goal is to have competency in them all by the end of the year.

Why you ask?  Well because for the 2014 Open, I want to be able to Rx the workouts, and to me, these are the four skills I will need to do so effectively.

Yay goals!


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