Eye contact at strip clubs

I went to a gentleman’s club for the first time ever this weekend.  I loved the shoes.  And the fishnets.  And the amazing fake eyelashes.

The guys I was there with said I was totally missing the point.  They were also shocked to learn that the dancers have shoes.  Or eyes for that matter.

Maybe I was missing it, but I have boobs of my own so I can oogle them all I want.  I do not, however, have 7 inch clear platforms that lace up to my knees and have crystals in the heels.

Not yet anyway.


I was also really impressed by the athleticism of some of the women.  I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve never seen pole dancing before, but in person, it’s pretty spectacular.  As someone who is scared of heights seeing naked women shimmy to the top of a pole on a stage and then plummet back down by nothing but the strength of their inner thighs is pretty thrilling.

So I guess you could say I enjoyed it.

Minus the moment where I accidently made eye contact with a good friend who was getting a lap dance.  Let’s just say, I now know the man’s O face.  Awkward

8 thoughts on “Eye contact at strip clubs

  1. So was there any particular occasion you guys went to the strip club? I know I have always found that the dancers pay more attention to females that are there, than to the males. Did you get any extra attention? And from a physical point of view, you need some serious strength and flexability to do many of the moves they do. It’s pretty impressive sometimes.

    1. It was a friends 25th birthday celebration.

      I don’t think I got any extra attention. Hubs is pretty protective of me, and I was sandwiched between him and another friend. I did put $10 in a G string though.

      She had AH-MAZING shoes. I wanted to contribute to the fund.

  2. Seriously? I beat you to a gentlemen’s club – was sure you would have gotten to one before me! I, too, was impressed by the shoes and anyone that can even walk in them is 10 times the athlete I am. I would be flat on my face after one step which would be seriously awkward mostly naked(do men give pity tips? I could clean up if so!).

    1. I think it’s hilarious that no one is shocked that I went to a strip club, and instead amazed that it was my first time there.

      And when I say no one I mean like, even co-workers who have no idea my true nature.

      I’m a heel-walking expert. Now if you add spinning and twirling into the mix… yeah, faceplant for sure.

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