2 for 2 on the 6 a.m. class.  That said, this morning was a struggle.  I need to remind myself that just because I’m drinking again does not mean I need to down an entire bottle of wine for no reason on a Monday night.  Big thanks for the hubs for rolling over and saying, “do you want your ass to get all big and lumpy again?” to give me the energy to get out of bed.

Warm Up:  The usual.  After how many months of doing this thing coach let me know that I’m doing the mountain climber stretch wrong.  He came over and corrected me and I ended up flat on my back laughing my ass off.  Yup, guess I needed to tweak my positioning a bit on that one huh?  Will fix in future.

SWOD:  Hang Snatch 5×3
Warm Up @ 10 lbs training bar:
3 hang power snatch
3 hang snatch (or hang squat snatch)

5×3@30 lbs

Yesterday I confessed that I broke my squat.  Today I am determined to fix it.  I noticed when we were OHS my toes were turning out.  I fixed them, and then instantly lost depth.  Squeeze the butt, turn out the knees, now I’m back at depth but my chest is coming way too far forward.  Yikes.

So today’s hang snatches were a lot about positioning and I kept the weight really light.  By the third set I saw a marked improvement.  My toes were still turning out just slightly when I was in the bottom of my catch, but they were much better.  I discovered that if I focus on where my knees are, I got a much better position each time.

I think my ankle and calf flexibility (or lack there of) are really playing a role here, so I will continue to focus on that in weeks to come.  Hopefully that will also help with some of the pain that I’ve got going in both my Achilles for a few days now too.

WOD:  “Diane”
21-15-9 Deadlifts/HSPU

Score: 5:24 @ 83 lbs and regular push ups (no band!  No scaling!)

Um yeah, I rock.

I should start by saying, Rx on this is like, 153 I think for women… so clearly a ways to go there.  But I haven’t done any “heavy” (for me) deadlifts in a WOD since I hurt my back months ago.  My instinct for this was to put 15s on each side (for 63) total, and to use a band to help with my push ups.

I don’t know why, but for the first time I think in my entire Crossfit experience, I thought “screw it” and loaded my bar with more weight than I wanted, and didn’t set up a band.

Sometimes with workouts like this I get stuck in my head and worried about being the last to finish.  Today that thought didn’t even cross my mind.  All I could think is that I have been getting much stronger with deadlifts (because we’ve actually been DOING them coach… ) and I can physically do a few push ups unscaled.  I wanted to make this workout as hard as I thought I could handle and still get thru it.

Yeah, I know 83 lbs isn’t a ton, but for me it’s heavy.  And by the last 4 reps it was really heavy.

And I still did it.

Oh and push ups?  Yeah, I’ve got those.  I need to stop being a weenie and scaling.  I did them in sets of 5 today the whole way thru (except where I needed to do 6 or 4 to complete the reps).  It wasn’t fast or pretty, but I’m strong enough to do them.  I’m not doing myself any favors or getting any stronger by scaling them.

Yay me.


6 thoughts on “8.13.2013

  1. That’s a lot to be proud of!!!!! Good job! Keep up the good work…and PS…we’ve all been there with that bottle of wine (woops…how did I finish that by myself…again)?

      1. haha…yeah, like boxed wine. I have emptied one of those WAY too fast. Not in one night…but def. faster than “MOST WOULD RECOMMEND.”

        Once I started doing pushups on my toes, there was no going back. And now, I have a strange semi-competitve thing with my coach. She pushes me by telling me what weight she lifted in the WOD (if I’m unsure of going up) .She also Rx+ the WODs…but I use it as motivation for myself…is that bad?

      2. Heck no! That’s awesome! I lift about half as much as super-awesome-girl-coach on my good days, but if I could be anywhere near competitive with her, I totally would.

  2. Nice work on the pushups! I feel like once you just decide, “I’m going to do these even if it kills me” you surprise yourself by being able to do things! I scale far too much because I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish and I have to constantly remind myself that it’s better to start too heavy and scale down if needed then to start scaling and wish later I hadn’t (even though that still happens a lot!!). Congrats on feeling awesome about how you did on a WOD!!

    1. Thanks!

      I think I pretty consistenly scale too much when it comes to weight as well. In my defense, if it’s a workout that includes running, I’m going to finish dead last by probably 10 minutes even if I used NO weight… so it might be a bit of a defense mechanism.

      But at this point, I’ve found that I WANT to get stronger. I want to improve, and I know the only way to do that is to push myself… even if I’m last and my ego doesn’t like it.

      That’s why we leave our ego’s at the door I guess…

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