Have plans for tonight so I HAD to get out of bed this morning.  Two workouts back to back on less than 12 hours of rest is not ideal.  I have a feeling that walking tomorrow might be more challenging than usual.

Warm Up:  The usual.  My glutes and quads are sore from yesterday.  My right achillies is still killing me too.   Spent some extra time on my calf and rolling it all out this morning.

SWOD: Push Press 3×8
Warm Up: 1×5 strict press, 1×5 push press @ 33
1×8 @ 53
1×8@ 63
1×6 @ 73
1×2@ 73

Sets of 8 are hard.  I love push press, and recently worked up to 83 on this lift for a short set (of 3 I think).  I’ve gained strength since then, so I was hopeful I could get thru the set at 73.  Close, but no cigar.   EVERY TIME I feel this lift get heavy and think that I’m going to fail my rib cage comes up and I arch my back.  I even feel myself doing it.  On rep 6 of that set I corrected it and completed the rep.  Couldn’t seem to fix it on rep 7 though.  Form is really the key here, need to keep practicing.


10 hang power clean
7 shoulder to overhead any way
Run 400 m

Time: 13:26 (I think) at 53 lbs

YAY for clean and shoulder to overhead.  I love love love both these movements.  I’m also really proud of myself as I considered doing this at 43 lbs so that I wouldn’t finish last, but went ahead and loaded up the barbell with weight I knew I was capable of.  I finished last, but who cares?  It was a great WOD.

I had a great moment on the last lap of the run with a few classmates.  There were three of us, and we were all struggling.  I stopped to walk for a minute and got some encouragement and coaching from one of them.  He stopped to walk shortly after and I gave the cheers right back to him.  In the end the three of us sprinted it in together and finished within a few seconds of eachother.  Very cool to have that kind of support around you when you’re suffering.


4 thoughts on “8.15.2013

    1. We have a VERY supportive group, so I never feel “bad” for finishing last. Sometimes my ego just gets in the way I guess. But I’ve really been pushing myself, espeically this past week, to do more than I think I’m capable of. I like suprising myself.

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