So THAT’s why he glows


I’m wearing Christmas underpants today.  Not because it’s laundry day.  Nor is it because they were on top of the panty drawer.

It’s because this particular pair of underpants have a giant Rudolph across the front of them, and every time I wear them I think about Rudolph muff diving.  It makes me giggle endlessly.

Not because I’m a sicko who is actually into bestiality mind you, but because I’m a sicko in general.

And let’s face it, when you feel like crap, you need all the giggles you can get.


8 thoughts on “So THAT’s why he glows

      1. In college, I wore nothing but cartoon bikini underwear. Flintstones, Looney Tunes, Disney…they made it, I wore it. I received it as gift for Christmas too…from my parents. It was actually really thoughtful. Then, retailers stopped making them.

        FF 10-20 years and I’m yearning for my undies again…finally found an AWESOME Sesame Street pair at Target for $5. Well, $5 for a pair on not necessarily well made scrondoos, I only bought one pair (and had to forgo Cookie Monster!) and I only wear them on special occasions. Like when I’m shooting an MMA event. Seriously, a middle-aged woman at a punch-fest wearing Sesame Street panties…yup, lifts my spirits!

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