I’m a dick, I’m addicted to you


I’m pretty sure Crossfit is like meth.  Granted, I’ve never done meth, but we’ve all seen the “cops” episodes with the meth addicts who get bused and go through serious and violent withdrawals, and I totally see the correlation.

Today is day 5 of no Crossfit due to the strep throat that’s creating havoc in my body right now.  I’m tweaking.  Or maybe I’m twearking?

No, after a quick google search and checking with my good friends over at urban dictionary, I’m definitely tweaking.  I don’t even think my body is capable of twearking.  That’s some acrobatic stuff right there.

Back on topic, I miss Crossfit.

I miss the anticipation of the WOD.  The excitement in the minutes leading up to when it’s posted the night before.  The immediate reaction of “oh fun” or “oh f*ck” as soon as I see what maniacal plot the coaches have for us the next day.

I miss the thrill of walking into the box.  The smell of 6 a.m., the groggy hello’s from fellow class mates.  The moment that the first “that’s what she says” joke comes out, and we all start waking up a bit.

I miss the barbell in my hands, even when they’re sore and hurt and bleeding.

I’m craving that “oh my God I’m going to die.  Or puke.  But probably die” mid-WOD feeling.

And for the love of gluten free mac and cheese I miss that post-WOD endorphin bliss where you kind of want to do it all over again.

Ok so how all of that has anything to do with meth I have no idea, but I figure in some ways addiction is addiction.

And baby for Crossfit, I am one hell of an addict.


16 thoughts on “I’m a dick, I’m addicted to you

    1. I actually think the first few days were the worst. Violent outbursts. Random urges to do burpees. Now I’m just watching old Crossfit Games footage and weeping silently into my broccoli slaw.

  1. I’m on vacay this week and am missing CrossFit like crazy. I’m checking the WODs and thinking “oh, that would be fun” or “oh, that would be hell” I can’t wait for my first class back. Monday night at 8:30…I’m counting the hours! Feel better. 😀

    1. I used to be that way with running and biking and whatnot… Crossfit had kind of taken over that bit for me.

      Admittedly, it is expensive. But for me, it’s one of those things that is totally worth it. I cut out my daily Starbucks and paid for it that way. Totally worth the trade off.

  2. You are so right I’m pretty sure it’s like Meth also! I’ve been telling my husband that now for a good minute so I liked being able to show him someone else feels the same way!

  3. “Hello – My name is Warrior Girl and I am addicted to crossfit.I admit that I am powerless over my addiction. I have been WOD free since the beginning of June. I did not choose to attend this WOD anonymous meeting, I have some resentment about being here. Just thinking of Coach calling out “21-15-9…” makes my heart beat faster and gives me a warm, slightly sick feeling all over my body. I would like to welcome you Nicole” as I secretly slip you note saying if you find a way out of this damn meeting – take me with you!!!

    Hope you feel better soon. The hilarity of your posts are really the best medicine I’ve been getting.

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