Are you gonna eat that?

eat more

Here’s something that’s hard for a slowly reforming fat girl to hear: “You’re not eating enough.”

Say wha?

But after sitting down and discussing my overall health, severe insomnia and general issues of late, this is one of several conclusions my awesome Crossfit coaches have come to.  And truthfully, I agree with them.

While it goes against every fiber in my being to even allow myself to think that in order to achieve my weight loss and performance goals I need to eat MORE, what they are saying makes a lot of sense.

Super-awesome-girl-coach laughed when she saw my face when they broke this news to me.  I guess she’s been spoonfed the same kool-aid as I have through the years.  It goes something like this:

Want to lose weight and look amazing?  Work out as much as you possibly can, eat as little as physically possible.  Only when passing out is eminent may you then eat.  A grape.  Just one.  It’ll do, we promise. 

Since she’s like, the hottest girl I know, and if I had her body I would walk around naked ALL. THE. TIME. (and yes, I told her that), I’m going to take her advice on this one.  Oh, and her advice was backed by all this cool science stuff too, so that gave her extra credibility over her super hot points.

So in short, here’s what’s wrong with me.  I’m not eating enough, and was walking a very fine line with overtraining.  As a result of my recent sickness, I am now officially firmly in the realm of overtraining.  This is affecting my sleep, my immune system, and my overall health.  I’m also not supplementing appropriately for my level of activity to give my body the tools it needs for recovery.

Well gee, who knew there was more to this whole thing than just showing up and working out?

My recipe for recovery, and to help fix my cranky and out of whack immune system, is pretty simple.

Take a few days off (done).

When I do come back, SCALE.  A LOT.  It’s ok to take a step back and give my body time to get back in the swing of things.

EAT!  Fuel my body for training and recovery.  Don’t be an idiot and count calories.  Eat when hungry, stop when full.  Not rocket science.

Finally, supplement.

I need to boost my immune system and get my cortisol levels back in check.  If for no other reason than I need to sleep.

Because when I don’t sleep I get cranky.

And then it’s more than just my health at risk kittens.


23 thoughts on “Are you gonna eat that?

      1. I need to start on a fish oil again (the last one I tried made me burp up fish)…yeah, realllllllll pleasant.

        I take a multi-vitamin (a good brand…not one-a-day).
        But nothing else (currently)

      2. I am concerned about that Fish Oil side effect as well. Though admittedly, not as concerned as I am about getting strep throat again… so I’ll do as I’m told.

    1. If you have the problem of burping and fish oil softgels (even with the burpless ones) keep it in the freezer. It works for me and many others I know. And, brilliant child I am, it took a couple of days to realize not to take the frozen fish oil with coffee cuz, ya know, heat melts stuff and I was still burping. Once I realized my error and switched to taking the frozen fish oil with water all has been fine.

  1. Let me know what they recommend you supplement with. I think we are waking very similar paths: working out lots, not eating enough, not sleeping well, and feel crappy. I like the ear more part. For me, the tough part will be to eat the right things and not just crap. Ugh. This getting I. Shape is hard work! But I guess no one ever said it would be easy 🙂

    1. Oh I’m right there with ya. “More” does NOT mean more mac and cheese and fudge covered brownies. Alas, there IS something to the science, and it’s all about healthy food.

      As for supplments, Fish Oil, Glutamine and Vitamin D.

      1. Easier said than done as pretty mush after I made that last comment I hit up the pantry at work and grabbed a handful of M&Ms. Shaking my head as I sit here eating them. When will I learn? 😦

      2. Well, I would suggest that because you’re shaking your head as you eat them means that you ARE learning. Knowledge isn’t the same as execution though, and I am just as guilty of not following good advice.

        Though at this point, it really is about my health. Screw weight loss, if I get strep throat again that will make 4 times in one year and I’m just over it.

  2. Have you done the ETP (Eat To Perform) Calculator??? I just calculated my daily intake and it gives you a good breakdown of how your Fat/Protein/Carbs should work out. Now…I used to do WW…so entering sh*t into a computer on a daily basis…kind of irks me. But, they also recommend using MY FITNESS PAL to see where your levels are at…so you’re hitting your numbers on training days.

    This is mine:
    Grams: 125
    Calories: 500
    Percentage: 22%

    Grams: 100
    Calories: 400
    Percentage: 17%

    Grams: 156
    Calories: 1,403
    Percentage: 61%

    I believe it’s something I would really try and keep in mind on training days. And it’s good to at least have a MAP right? Not that we can’t go off-roading every once and a while.

    Good luck!

    1. Ok this is horrible, but I HAVE done it… months ago. And the number it spit out for daily calories was SO HIGH (again for my eat less weigh less mentaility) that I just laughed it off and thought it was crazy. I couldn’t wrap my head around eating 2500+ calories a day and losing weight.

      In hindsight, I’m a moron. But thanks for the reminder of that awesome resource!

      1. I’ve never used that calculator, but I like the macro ratios I see above! The secret (I’ve found) to eating more and still losing or maintaining weight is to up your fat consumption (I know, it goes against everything we know) and keep your carbs on the lower side of the glycemic index scale. So, no grapes (little sugar bombs they are), but yes avocados. And maybe sweet potato instead of pineapple.

        It allows you to vastly up your calorie count, satiety and nutrient/vitamin consumption without making your insulin go wild (which is when you’ll start gaining the bad kind of weight.)

  3. So, I just had a body scan… an iDXA. (talk about what that is in my blog) The news was expected. I’m now counting calories (just to keep myself in check), exercising 5X week and being consistent. That was my main lesson for today. I know what I’m supposed to do… consistency is the key. I’m supplementing as well (Vitamin D for sure, multi, fish oil), but an Achilles injury has sidelined my CrossFit for now. Will go to lifting, cardio and tennis. We write about very similar things. Glad I’m following you…

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