Went to the 5:30 p.m. class because, frankly, I was too darn lazy to get out of bed to make it to the 6 a.m.  Need to get back to going in the mornings though as husband is super amazing, but totally misses me if I don’t get home until 7 or 7:30 every night.

Today was a pretty easy day all in all, as most of the box did the Lumberjack 20 on Monday for Labor Day.  As I’m STILL, freaking STILL!!! not at 100% I didn’t participate Monday, but I welcomed the slightly easier class as I need to be nice to my body as I get back into my routine.

Warm Up:  The usual with some changes.  Looks like we’ll be adding inchworms in, which is a good thing for me.  Anything that forces me to be even a little upside down helps me to work on that fear.

Mobility:  A LOT of it.  We foam rolled IT bands and inner thighs (more on that in a later and likely hilarious post), and then did some shoulder mobility work with the bands and the rig.  Good stuff.

5 minute AMRAP
Row 10 Calories
20 push ups

Rest 1 minute

5 minute AMRAP
10 med ball slams
20 DU’s/40 SU’s

Score: ??? no freaking idea, but I used the 20 lbs med ball and did singles.  I *think* I did 2 rounds on the rower plus 7 calories, and then 3 rounds plus 9 med ball slams, but that seems really low on reps.  I was trying to keep track on a white board, but I didn’t take a break a few times between rounds so I probably missed marking them off.

Or not.  Who knows?  Shame on me but whatever.  It was a fun WOD.  I went grocery shopping after wards and I’ll tell ya what, lugging the bags into the house made my shoulders VERY aware of how many times I picked that darn med ball up.


4 thoughts on “9.3.2013

  1. Hey maybe down dog would help? You can basically play with ranges between just touching your toes or full out plank…it’ll help build up shoulders and get more used to the feeling of a handstand without any of the risk. Eh?

    1. It totally helps. I’m just a weenie. It’s not so much a strength thing as it is a terrifying paralyzing fear of being upside down. Because when you’re as clumsy as me, you’re bound to end up falling on your face and knocking yourself unconscious.

    1. This one was easy in terms of the movements. Maybe simple was a better word than easy. I was still sweating and laying on the floor trying not to vomit when it was all over, but it didn’t involve a bunch of complicated lifts or movements that I stink at. 🙂

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