Yay back at 6 a.m.  Man I love those peeps.  I also love the smaller class size.  I know that probably sounds silly after a year of doing Crossfit, I shouldn’t need extra coaching, but I still do.  I really love the interactions we all have, but more than anything, I appreciate that the morning class is small enough that I always get pointers and corrections on technique.

Warm Up:  The usual

Mobility:  Coach had us take off our shoes (and I discovered I could see my electric orange toenail polish through my socks… you know it’s bright when) and roll out our feet using the lacrosse ball.  Holy hell that hurt.  In my left foot my arch was screaming and on my right foot it was all in my heel.  My right achillies is really bothering me AGAIN, so I’m going to row or bike instead of run for the next week or so and see if I can get that inflammation to go down.  I’m also going to do this foot rolling thing at home a few times a week.  For as much as it hurt, it felt great when we were done.

SWOD: Sumo Deadlifts 5×5

I tried for a set at 123 and just didn’t have it.  I admit, I was pretty disappointed with myself.  That said, when I met with coach last week he reminded me, repeatedly, that when coming back from being sick it’s important to scale back and listen to your body.  So yeah, I knew I woudlnt’ be as strong and that’s just where I’m at today.  Still humbling.

15 Pull ups
9 floor wipers

Time: 12:41 @53 lbs with ring rows

This was one of those deceiving workouts when I saw it posted.  It looked like a quick little WOD and honestly, I was disappointed because Wednesdays are traditionally hard days in our box.  Yeah, I was wrong.  This WOD was AWESOME.

I haven’t done floor wipers in a long time,  but they programmed them today as we do the 300 workout every year at our box on 9.11 and coach wanted everyone to have a chance to practice.  I think I’m a masochist.  I like floor wipers.  Though getting the bar up there is hard as heck!

The SDHP were torture.  We haven’t done these in a WOD in awhile and I forgot how much they gas you.  My form felt really great, almost like I was snapping my hips like I would in a KB swing, but man after 5-6 of them I was totally winded and needed a break to just breathe.

I  wasn’t alone.

Fun stuff.  Challenging WOD and great start to hump day!


7 thoughts on “9.4.2013

    1. Lay on your back, press your bar straight up over your chest (think like, top of a chest press). Now lift your legs and feet about 6 inches off the ground. That’s your start point. Lift straight legs up and to the right bumper, down in the middle without touching, then up and to the left bumper, back to the middle. That’s 1 rep.

      At least, that’s how we do them. There’s about a thousand variations on youtube.

    1. Ours has grown a LOT. I remember when I first started coming to 6 a.m. there were like, 5 of us. Now there’s a solid 15-20. It’s kind of cool to see our little family grow.

  1. Good job on the 21-15-9. It would take me forever to do the pullups with 7978 bands too.
    And I too prefer the smaller classes. The larger ones are fun and I think there’s more friendly competiton but even after 2 years of doing CrossFit I too still need/like having that extra coaching.

    1. I like larger classes for the big Hero WODs and stuff like that. That’s a fun atmosphere.

      But my snatch is hopeless. I need one on one on snatch days.

      Heh heh, I’m totally giggling over here.

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