Squat Assessment aka damn it knees why won’t you do what you’re supposed to?

My box is awesome.  I know that’s not news to anyone who reads this blog, as it’s pretty much all I talk about.  Well, that and sex.  Oh, and poop.

Tangent.  Back on track.  So a few weeks ago the coaches told everyone that they were willing to do squat assessments for anyone interested to help us to better understand where our limiters might be, and then give us “homework” to improve our mobility, stability, etc.

I messaged super-awesome-girl-coach right away to set up an appointment.  Obviously, I got sick between then and now and we rescheduled for this morning. I was SO excited to get some additional feedback.

As she and I have been working together and she was very aware of what my issues with my squat are, she had a whole prescription written out for me as a starting point, and added as we went through our 30 minutes together this morning.

First off, my hip stability isn’t fantastic.  As a result, my knees don’t always track out how they should and I have a tendency not to keep my weight in my heels.  Adding to that is that I have really terrible ankle mobility, especially on my left side, which I’ve been turning my toes out to compensate for.

Oof.  So basically, my squat is a mess.

Luckily, there is hope!

I now have two different “Warm Up Circuits” that I will do on alternating days of stability movements to help my hips get stronger and move in the direction they’re supposed to (knees out!).  In addition to that, I have six daily mobility exercises to run through to help my ankles, calves and hip flexors develop the mobility I need to not only achieve depth in my squat, but to achieve it with great form.

All told, this daily circuit will probably take me 15 minutes, maybe a bit more as I’m learning the movements.  That 15 minutes will pay untold dividends on my squats.

I am SO excited to get started.  And even more than that, I’m SO lucky that I work with such knowledgeable coaches that not only do they want you to show up and do the movements, they want you do to them CORRECTLY and are willing to take time (for free I might add) to show you how.

Stay tuned for some awesome PR’s in weeks to come.


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