Rub it riiiiigghhhtttt there

foot massage

Moaning loudly while getting a pedicure at a swanky spa is, apparently, frowned upon.

Granted, I know this on some level. I’m not a total idiot.

But after a great week of training that left my calves and ankles feeling like I had auditioned for Swan Lake or something, I absolutely could not control myself when Olga got in there for the massage portion of this weekend’s primping festivities.

I suppose the three mimosas made me a bit more relaxed than usual, but the staff and guests seemed to be in agreement that my reaction was a bit over the top.

I’ll remember that for next time. As for this time, at least I held back from whimpering “don’t stop, don’t stop” right when she got to the good part.


6 thoughts on “Rub it riiiiigghhhtttt there

  1. I think when you do crossfit it takes any massage to a different level! 😀 Im hoping that the day we are docked in the Bahamas that they will do a spa special on the boat ( Were not really fans of the Bahamas so we’ll just stay on the boat for the day) and maybe we can afford a couples massage! We both are in need desperately!

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