Skipped 6 a.m. and considered skipping all together because the WOD made me think being waterboarded would be fun.  Coach called out the “cherry pickers” on the website around mid-day, which of course meant I had to go.  Couldn’t allow myself to be called out like that.  Damn it.

Went to 5:30 p.m. along with a million other people.  Evidently I wasn’t the only one who felt called out as I really do think this was record attendance.

SWOD:  Deadlift 4×3
1×10 @ 63 warm up
1×5@ 83 warm up
1×3@ 113
1×3@ 133
1×3@ 143 (PR!)
1×3 @ 133

So I managed 1 set at 143, but when I set up for the second one, I could only get it off the ground once.  As 143 was my previous 1 RM I didn’t want to do too much on a Monday before a long WOD, so I stepped it back to do the last set.

Still exciting.


800 m run/ 1000 m row
1 minute plank hold

Time:  Don’t remember- 15 something I think

My right Achilles/heel is a total mess right now.  It went from being sore to outright pain, which likely means whatever injury I had that plagued me for a few months earlier this year is back.  Bummer.  I’m going to have to go and get it looked at methinks, and I hate that.

The good news is, rowing doesn’t aggravate it at all.  I was one of 10 or so who was rowing, so it wasn’t a lonely workout at all.

But that didn’t change the fact that it sucked.  There is nothing fun about that much time on the rower.

Good news was, I kept a really consistent pace the entire time.  I started pulling around 2:10/500 and ended my last 1000m at 2:14/500.  I was a little nervous that I had started out too strong, but I didn’t struggle any more than I expected to keep the pace.  I was struggling in my lungs more than my body by the end.

I also think I goofed the plank on the first round.  I thought it was 1 minute off the rower whether you were holding the plank or not, so I probably did about 30 seconds total of plank and the rest spent panting on all 4s.

When I hopped back on the rower though I realized that people who had finished rowing before me were still toughing out their plank hold.  I felt kind of bad, as it was then clear that it was supposed to be 1 minute of total plank hold regardless of how long it took you with breaks.  I corrected it for the last two.

I suck at plank holds.

Despite all my complaining, I’m glad I went.  I always love the way I feel when it’s over, and it’s always exciting to realize I’m getting stronger than I realized.


16 thoughts on “9.9.2013

  1. What is a cherry picker? Here, it is a move where you skip and as you’re in the air, you reach as far into the air with your off sided arm as far as you can (like you’re picking a cherry).

    1. Oh I had no idea it was a move!

      At our box it’s what the coaches call people who don’t show up because the workout is something they don’t want to do.

      We traditionally have low attendance on days where there is a lot of running (like yesterday). So the morning classes were really sparse, and the coaches called those of us who would usually come in the mornings “cherry pickers” for not attending.

      So obviously, I had to go. Bastards.

    1. I’m too spastic to *not* know. They post them online and then people have the option. I know many of our members don’t check, but I HAVE to. Otherwise I freak myself out and don’t go. Which is silly, because even when I see it and question whether or not I am able to do it I go anyway.

      So basically, I’m a spaz. Not really news though, right?

      1. I’m with you. I HAVE to check! The first couple weeks the days it said “tba” hurt my head with worrying about what to expect. My issue is when I can’t resist checking on a day when I know I’m not going and then I think about how awesome it would be to go… :p guess I’m a spaz too

      2. Oh when I was sick I still checked every day and got SO ANGRY when I would see something I really wanted to do.

        I missed a “death by power cleans” day and was literally devastated.

      3. Thankfully everything comes full circle 😉 it’s at least comforting knowing you will get another chance at the ones you miss, but it still makes the minions running the show in my head all crazy-like

  2. We don’t find out our WODs ahead of time either!
    I’m sympathizing with your goof on not holding the plank – I thought our WOD was 4 rounds, and got cleaned up before I realized it was supposed to be 5. UGH! Cheated myself today. I’ll pay better attention next time!

    1. Whoops! I’ve done that before as well.

      Then again, I’ve also done it in reverse during a long AMRAP I’ve totally forgotten to mark off how many rounds I’ve done. Then at the end of 30 minutes I look at my whiteboard and think… “uh I only did 3 rounds of Cindy? How is that possible?”

      I think as long as it’s unintentional, it’s ok. 🙂

  3. Ha! I have to obsessively check every night, too! Even when I know I can’t go, like last week when I was sick. Too funny. I LOOOOOOOVE reading your posts; it’s almost kinda like you are in my head or vice versa sometimes with the things you think or say. I already have a rep with the Coaches for the biggest mouth *ever* in the 7am class (I’m sure they are sick of my smart ass remarks already)…..and it’s only my 4th week, scary. I’m sure they are thinking, “How does this newbie think she can get away with being such a whiner?!?!” And I definitely moan & groan & grunt more than anyone else!

      1. I would love to meet you in the 7am class, or anywhere! (Except for the 6am or 5:30pm class LOL).
        Wouldn’t that be hilarious?! Us competing for who can be the snarkiest? HA!

        My FIRST day of class with the young Coach (I forget what you call him, but his name starts with D) he made a remark about how we were all so quiet, and then quickly looks at me and says, “Except you!” !!! I hadn’t even gotten started yet! Bwahaha. And I am SURE Coach A is sick and tired of me texting him about how it’s too hard, blah, blah.

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