Back at 6 a.m. and celebrating the 2 year birthday party of our box!  I am so honored to be part of our great community and proud of all that the coaches have accomplished in their short time together.

Coach gave us a pep talk this morning before the WOD, where we took a moment to remember 9/11 and all those who have lost their lives since fighting the war on terrorism.  Let me say here, thank you to all who have served and are serving.  Thank you to all emergency responders.  The fact that you would lay your life on the line for me makes me more grateful than I could ever put into words, and so so proud to be an American.

Warm Up:  The usual

WOD:  300- This is our “anniversary” WOD.  Same one every year, but this is my first time doing it as I was still in elements last year.

25 pull ups
50 deadlifts
50 push ups
50 box jumps
50 floor wipers
50 KB clean and Jerk
25 pull ups

Time: 24:11 @83 on DL, 53 on floor wipers, and the yellow KB (I think it’s 15 lbs?)

For as awful as last night’s WOD was, this was really fun.  I mean, yeah it was hard and it took a long time, but it was a lot like any other chipper.  I think I did a great job of selecting weight.  The deadlifts were REALLY challenging, but not impossible.  53 was pretty much all I could get off the ground on the floor wipers.  I think I could have HELD the 83 up there, but no idea how I would have got it there.  And the KB was dead on.  I initially started with the 25 lbs, but after 50 I would have been seriously compromising my form to get it over head.

I liked this.

And next year, I’m doing it Rx!


13 thoughts on “9.11.2013

      1. I fear that if I mention this to my coach as an addition to a WOD…she’ll tell everyone I was the one who suggested it…and then everyone will LOVE ME!


    1. Yeah, I’m a big fan as well. I love the chance to honor our heros through sacrifice. I’m always reminded that no matter how hard what I’m doing is, at least I’m still able to do it.

  1. Great job!!! Our box did a memorial workout. I’m guessing my 5am (tomorrow) class may get the same. Most of us in the 5am TUE/THUR class only go then, so he sometimes has us do the WOD from the previous day if it fits in with our training.

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