My ADD strikes again

I just discovered a pair of my husband’s underpants in my gym bag.

I have no explanation for this.  His clothes and my clothes don’t even go in  the same dresser, and this particular pair of boxers don’t even resemble anything that I own that might cause me to think they’re mine and stuff them in my bag right out of the laundry.

Following this discovery I dumped out my entire gym bag in my cube at work just to double check that the three different pairs of knee high socks that I can only seem to find one of didn’t end up in there as well.

They didn’t.

But I do have four sports bras, three pair of socks, a pair of my own underpants, my cycling kit a change of shirt for tonight and sneakers.  I like to be prepared because I frequently forget an item or two when packing at 5:30 a.m.  Like I apparently did today.

Notice anything missing?

Yup, pants.

So it’s possible I’m going to have my post-ride beer in my husband’s underpants.  Because I’m that awesome.

8 thoughts on “My ADD strikes again

  1. Oh my gosh! YOU MAKE MY LAUGH!!! I was just thinking about this yesterday….i was doing laundry, and I have these towels that I get from sporting events (baseball, football games…whatever) well, I have like 6 of them and use them for crossfit, (cuz I’m always a sweaty mess), and they get major static cling, and when I’m taking them out of the laundry basket I usually throw them onto a pile (cuz I don’t like to fold that kinda stuff). ANYWHOO….a pair of my white thong underwear was stuck to a white towel…and I was like WHOAH, WHAT-IF I didn’t notice, and I went to wipe off my sweaty face mid WOD—and BAM THONG IN THE FACE?!?!?! hahaha! Embarassing much?

    You make my day—seriously! ROCK THOSE BOXERS BABY—ROCK EM!

  2. Thanks for the laughs!!!! One day I forgot underwear AND a bra, and since I shower at the box & go straight to work, I was commando that day & had to wriggle my way back into my super sweaty sports bra (which was quite a contortionist act), because there is No. Way. I am going braless at work. Or anywhere. Except home. HA!

  3. Ugh, the other day I forgot a bra but for some reason I had TWO pairs of panties in my bag. This is additionally weird because I go to the gym right after work and I don’t change my underwear before working out, so I shouldn’t have had any underwear in there at all!

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