Another 6 a.m. workout for me.  This one was a tiny bit rough as I rode last night and then had a (or several) beer after, but luckily the WOD was a shorter one so I hung in there.

Warm Up:  The usual and some shoulder mobility.  I’ve been having some issues with my left side being tight lately.  It’s not painful at all, but my overhead position in that shoulder isn’t as good as my right.  I think a little extra stretching and lacrosse ball work are in order.

Yay sadist punishment.

SWOD:  Snatch Complex (high hang power/top of the knee/floor full squat) 5×2
Warm Up: 2 rounds of the complex with the broom stick
2×2@33 lbs
3×2@43 lbs

I think Snatch isn’t my least favorite lift anymore.  Now, I won’t go so far as to say I’m getting “good” at it, but I’m not ending up on my ass or feeling like I’m going to fall on my face as much anymore.  I’m still coming up on my toes, especially when I pull from the ground into a full snatch, but it’s getting better.

I likely could have done more weight, but the complex had me winded by the end.  Frankly, my body is BEAT today with the extra riding I’ve been doing lately, so I figured I would stay light and work on getting my form perfect rather than go heavy and potentially sacrifice form.

I was really pleased with the way this felt today.


50 DU’s
20 walking lunges with db
20 db plank rows

Time: 11:46 with 10 lbs on db and doing a squishy mat/box runny thing instead of DU’s.

So my right heel is killing me still.  Jumping is out.  I modified with one of my classmates doing a kind of step up maneuver on probably an 8 inch squishy mat.  It was less painful than jumping would have been, but still hurt.  I’ll have to ask coach for another mod next time.

Lunges weren’t working at all for me today.  Remember that leg walking lack of coordination thing I have?  Well put dumbells in my hands and apparently its 1000x worse.  I figured it out eventually, need to keep practicing.  It seems like this should be an easy thing for my body to do, but for some reason its not.

The DB plank rows were a new to me maneuver and holy mother of God were they hard.  I want to do them again like, immediately to redeem myself.  I had initially thought I would do this WOD with 15s, but after a few practice reps of those I took it down to 10 and I’m glad I did.   Super awesome girl coach has me doing some plank holds as part of my homework and as much as I hate them, I’m grateful for it as when we do things like this I realize how weak my core still is.

Something tells me my… uh… everything is going to be sore tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “9.12.2013

  1. I had/have issues with my heel for awhile now. I ran the tough mudder race and it hurt ever since. hamstring walk-ups hurt it the most… that position. I see a chiropractor for all my other ailments and she sent me for an x-ray to rule out a stress fracture. she thinks its a bursitis. She has done some A.R.T and laser on it and got it under control.

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