The universe spoke to me through Chipotle

Do not burpee when in this condition, ever.
Do not burpee when in this condition, ever.

Since I was running late to work this morning I decided at around 7:30 a.m. that I would be going to Chipotle for lunch.

Which means Chipotle fantasies ALL DAY LONG.

By the time I was walking in with friend and coworker cycling blondie I was having cheese and sour cream and burrito fantasies.  Freaking bathtubs filled with sour cream fantasies kittens.

It was some kinky shit.  My colon was both excited for and dreading what was coming.

I walked up to the counter, took a deep breath…

And ordered the same thing I always get when I go there.  Which is 100% paleo, and 100% just as delicious as floating down a river of cheese bloated goodness.

Oh, and a diet coke.  Because I’m not a SAINT people.  Jeez.

After my exercise in extreme inner fat kid control, as we’re walking through the parking lot with our to-go containers I hear a furiously honking horn and look up to see COACH and SUPER AWESOME GIRL COACH (who are married so it’s not scandalous or anything) driving by.

What happens next?  Coach rolls down his window and says, “so what’s in the bag?”

Ok universe, I get it.  If I hadn’t held MYSELF accountable, you would have done it for me.  Probably through a punishment of burpees.

And let’s face it, burpees after eating something that your tummy won’t love you for should be called throwupees.

So thanks universe.  And thanks Coach.

For the record, my lunch was even more delicious than I had fantasized about.  Who needs “cheats” when there is guacamole?  Mmmm guacamole.


16 thoughts on “The universe spoke to me through Chipotle

  1. How funny, They must have been doing restaurant drive by’s, bc I to ran into them @ Fast n Fresh! I felt the exact same way that u did (r they checkin my food out, what r they thinking ect.)

    1. Knowing them, they were at Target. 🙂

      I love how accountable they keep us. For as much crap as I give “coach”, I really respect him. Lord knows I’ve accomplished a lot over the past year from all I’ve learned from all of our coaches there… so there must be SOME method to their madness.

      Though I will never understand freaking squat cleans AND burpees and how that makes sense on any planet… but ya know. 🙂

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