Grapes of Wrath strike again


You know who had the right idea?  George Costanza.

His under the desk nap nook really should have revolutionized the workplace.  I mean, other than the obvious productivity issues, how convenient would it be to have a heavenly safe haven to retreat to and drool in as needed?

Today I am battling the grapes of wrath and the wineo hangover is winning.  I would literally promise to shave my legs every day for a month if I could just get a quick half hour of respite to let the Advil kick in and the cobwebs clear out of my brain.

And yes, I’m typing this at 4 in the afternoon.  For those thinking that it’s a miracle that I even made it to work today when I’m still feeling this bad 7 hours later, you are right.

What can I say?  I’m a miracle child.


8 thoughts on “Grapes of Wrath strike again

    1. Thanks lady! My origional idea for this post was to write about how wine is the worst hangover I can imagine, but my creativity just wasn’t having it.

      Apparently wine also makes me stupid, for like, a solid 24 hours after.

  1. Oh, I feel ya! So sorry to hear. Wine is definitely not a fun hangover. We did a winery tasting last night & I’m just glad it was in the afternoon so I didn’t feel bad when I woke up.
    Anyhow, hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks hun. Yea, I did my own person wine tasting too. I tasted all the wine. I’m pretty sure they were smashing it in the back trying to stay ahead of my consumption. It’s my own fault. But it was deeeeelicious!

  2. Oh wine…..delicious wine how you hurt our heads. And then we curse you the whole next (2) days…..until the next time you start lookin all good and tasty again….dangit.

    Hope you feel better…… 🙂

  3. ugh…wishing you headache and tummy free troubles for the rest of your day. and my husband is the king of hangovers-he’ll be “hungover” 48 hours after he drinks. pretty sure he’s a wuss

    1. You know, I never really watched Seinfeld much… I admit I think I was a little young to “get” it in its hayday… but I distinctly remember that episode and thinking at the time it was brilliant. I wasn’t even in the work force then. Now, it’s just award winning!

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