Sally Can Suck It


I must be a glutton for punishment, because when a friend of mine linked me to this video, I knew I had to try this workout.

I guess I should have considered that Jason Khalipa and Miranda Oldroyd practically collapse at the end, so for me, it might be a bit challenging.

Heck, I DID consider that.  Which is why for my first round I did it without any weight.

Air squats people.

And by the end of the song, I decided.  Sally is not a nice girl.  Sally is a down and up slut.  And she can suck it.

Watch the video, then try the workout.  Rules are simple.  Down is down.  Up is up.  Rx 135/95.

Let me know how you do.

15 thoughts on “Sally Can Suck It

    1. My coach did it last night with air squats for the warm up with one of the evening classes and it got lots of, um, appreciation. Let me know how 75 goes! I think the first time I try it with weight I’m going to go super light. You don’t realize how long you’re sitting at the bottom of the squat under tension.

  1. we did this as our “buy in” on Tuesday. we only used pvc pipe and it was wicked! My legs were jello at the end. i can’t imagine doing it with 95lbs on my back! Sally is a BITCH!!!

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