6 a.m. and the weather was amazing!  Living in Florida we totally consider it Fall when it drops out of the 80s.  This morning when I left for CF it was 72, and it felt spectacular.

Warm Up:  The usual stuff.  Took some time with the foam roller today as my legs are pretty darn sore. 

Mobility:  T-spine with double LAX balls and pec roll out with a softball.  For the record, my boobs are too big to use a LAX ball for the pec roll out.  I end up mashing them into the ground and not getting anything worthwhile accomplished.  Remember that for next time.

SWOD:  Press 4×6
1×10 @ 33 warm up

Ah the press.  My love/hate relationship with this movement never ends.  I’m pretty strong over head, and if I could just PUSH IT so much more weight goes up.

But no matter.  Today was a focus on form.  I thought I had 63 but it ended up being too much.  I should have tried 58 on the last set, but as our WOD had more overhead I decided that my shoulders didn’t deserve that much punishment.  I’m pleased with this effort.  The longer sets are definitely harder for me.

WOD:  Grace- 30 Clean and Jerks for time

Time: 6:something @ 53 lbs

So as long as I don’t have to squat, I love cleans.  I’ve actually been looking forward to doing this workout again, as last time we did it I was three days out of a cast for a broken hand and had to use the 15 lbs dumbells because I couldn’t yet grip a bar.

I wanted to go heavier on this today, but I also didn’t want the WOD taking me 15 minutes, so I stuck with a weight that I knew I could do multiple reps touch and go.

This went really smooth through the first 20.  After that, it started to feel heavier, and I was REALLY feeling it in my lungs.  I had to take a few breaks just to take a few deep breaths.  Weird.

The last 3 reps were tough, but I tried to just concentrate on my form as much as possible.

The last rep, I knew it was going to be heavy overhead after all the press work and 29 jerks before it, so once I completed the clean I gave myself a breath, a deep dip and drove the bar as hard as I could towards the ceiling.

Too bad I totally forgot to MOVE MY HEAD OUT OF THE WAY before I did that.

I knocked myself in the chin so hard I saw stars and almost fell over.

To my credit, I had so much power behind the jerk that even with my noggin getting in the way I STILL managed to lock the bar out overhead and finish that last rep.

At the moment though, I’m black and blue, have a knot the size of about a ping pong ball on my chin, AND I broke the skin.

I kinda look like Quagmire from Family Guy.



18 thoughts on “9.27.2013

  1. Wow, funny I didn’t even notice you knocked yourself in the chin like that. Hope it doesn’t swell too bad!!
    I only used 35 lbs (training bar plus 2 10’s) as I’m still babying my shoulder so as not to reinjure myself (old injury) BUT afterwards Alexis & I both agreed I could have used 15’s. I loved Grace so much I almost redid the whole thing! I much prefer lifts to running around LOL. I hope we do it again soon so I can try it with 45lb.
    See you tomorrow! Hope you aren’t black & blue 🙂

    1. Yeah, from what I hear, no one noticed I did that. Thank God, since it would have been really embarassing. It HURTS! I’ll show off my battle scars tomorrow.

      I LOVE Grace too. My goal is to Rx next year (95 lbs). We will probably do it again in early December when we host our Barbells for Boobs event.

      Can’t wait!

      1. OMG I have to wait till Dec? Might have to do a one off on my own :))
        Can’t wait to even use the girl bar, not to mention RX!!

  2. okay, i’m sorry, but i laughed when I read you whacked yourself with the bar. it’s just that it is something that I can totally see myself doing. I have banged my chin with a clean, smashed my forehead off the bar as it was on the ground and I was doing burpees behind it. I think it’s only a matter of time before I smack myself in the face as I get the bar over my head. Hope the bump goes down and the bruise fades quickly. Just another CrossFit badge of honour!

    1. Oh it’s absolutely hilarious. I think the best part was that I had so much ooomph I still managed to get it over head.

      I was convinced I had broken my jaw or knocked my teeth out of my head when I did.

      Good times. I really do need to invest in that bubble to live in…

  3. Man, if I did that EVERYONE would know…I’m not all cool and collected. I would have screamed and made it obvious—that’s why I’ve never tried Zumba–one false step and I’m screaming and making a big show!

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