Don’t ask the question if you don’t want the answer


I found my third ever gray hair while getting ready for work this morning.  After a gasp, some “oh my God-ing” and a firm rip with the tweezers, that little bugger was no more.

Hubs just sat there laughing at me the entire time.  I turn 30 in less than a month so really, three gray hairs total isn’t so bad.  When he turned 30 he already had his sexy gray patch happening, and also had a little gray dispersed in his chest hair too.

Notice I said sexy.  For guys it’s sexy.

During our warm up at Crossfit the other day, Lickable-abs, Coach Shifu, Coach, and Holy-Crap-I’ve-Got-A-Cute-Baby were all talking about going gray.  I had never noticed it before in any of them, but yeah, they all have a few.  And they are all still ridiculously good looking.

Me?  Well I’ve never dyed my hair in my entire life… ok minus the purple wash out stuff in high school.  But I can guarantee you, when I get to the point where there are more than a few stray grays, I’ll be counting on an army of hair care professionals to cover that shit up.   Go ahead, call me vain, I am.  I don’t deny it.

But this whole traumatizing experience brought me to a question this morning that I’m just not sure about.  Frankly, I’m not sure I actually want to know, but because I can’t resist, I have to ask.

Hair on your head goes gray.  Check.

Hubs chest hair has a little gray, so it’s safe to assume that will happen too.  Check.

What about hair in… other places?  I mean yes, I shave off every bit of it… but with hubs should I be prepared that eventually the fluffy frame for the beans and frank will start to turn gray?

Oh my God I bet the answer is yes.

It’s yes isn’t it?

23 thoughts on “Don’t ask the question if you don’t want the answer

  1. It’s yes. Sorry to tell you, but it is a resounding yes. Having been gray since I was around 23……I am very familiar with this subject. Just shave it all off except your head & you’ll be fine!
    I color myself but if you are too scared, those gals over at Cutting Loose are all amazing! XO

  2. LOL!! I remember my friend found my first grey hair in high school while she was braiding my hair! Yes high school! I almost started crying because as a teenager, appearance is everything…My mom started greying in college so I freaked out. Luckily I only find a random grey strand here or there (I’m only 23!!). But hey, there are worse things in life!

    1. Oh there absolutely are. I know I’m pretty lucky that this is only my third one. And let’s face it, how much fun will it be to play around with my hair color? I bet I could totally pull off being a red head.

  3. I have very dark brown hair and started turning grey in my mid-20’s. Hair colour has been my best friend ever since! After I shaved my head (to support my mom going through chemo), I decided to let it grow back natural. That lasted until my hair was a little past my chin length. I turned to the bottle again and haven’t looked back since! 😉

    1. I also have really dark brown hair, which is why a stray gray is so shocking I think.

      That is seriously inspiring that you shaved your head to support your mom. I hope that she has regained her health.

  4. Girl, I’ve had grey hairs since I was pregnant with my daughter—girls reek havoc on your body—and I was in my 20s. I still pull grey hairs (well, mine are more like silver/white) out EVERY DAY! But since I have highlights, they kinda blend in…I have noticed a few white eyebrow hairs that I’ve pulled out—but anywhere else UGH! I don’t even want to know when that turns grey–can’t it just fall out or something!?!

  5. Um.

    I’ve found a grey hair down there before. I called my best friend in a panic and told her about it and she just laughed and laughed. Said she’d never found one (even though I tease her about being a year older than me) and she’s had all that lasered off so she’ll NEVER have one!

    I plucked it out with tweezers. Hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I’m hoping that it scared any future greys away from that area, though. They know what’s in store for them if they show up. (At least, until I win the lottery and get everything lasered off!)

    1. Eh, for me it’s kind of an aversion to body hair (on me, not on others) in general. I have literally shaved it since the day it started growing. Don’t tell my mother.

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