After coming to our in-house competition this weekend I was SO motivated this morning I think I jumped out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to go to the 6 a.m. class.

Ok, maybe I wasn’t THAT peppy as I’m still nursing my hangover from SATURDAY after the competition, but I was pretty pumped to get in there today and do work.  I’ll post separately about how amazing the event was this weekend, but suffice it to say here that I am more motivated than ever after watching our amazing peeps throw down, set  PRs, and do some serious work this weekend.

Warm Up:  The usual.  My body felt so heavy at first, but once I got about half way thru it was like my head cleared and everything just loosened up instantly.  Amazing.

SWOD:  Tall Cleans 4×3
1×5 muscle cleans @33
1×5 front squats @ 33
1×3 tall clean @ 33
1×3 tall clean @ 43
3×3 tall clean @ 53

These felt really good today.  I felt like my elbows were really fast, and I felt really comfortable at the base of my squat.  My last set I was bouncing a little bit too much getting under the bar, but I think it was fatigue at that point.

Clock set to 3 minutes
200 m run (row)
with remaining time bike/jump rope/ski/burpee (basically do another form of cardio)
1 minute rest

No score, goal was just to keep moving.

This was AWESOME!  I admit, I’m kind of a cardio queen.  Not that I’m FAST by any stretch, but I would rather go at a steady pace with cardio for a looooooooong time over “redlining” it any day of the week. That’s my comfort zone, and this WOD was very much in my comfort zone… so I pushed myself out of it a bit.

On the rower I made myself keep an under 2:00 pace on every 200, which for me was pretty fast.  I was breathing heavy at the end of each of those.

Round 1 I did the bike, and decided I didn’t want to do that again, as for me that was really easy.  I do a lot of cycling, and can go pretty long and hard without getting winded.

Round 2 I did soft “box” runs, up and down on one of the soft 8 inch mats.  About half way thru my right achillies reminded me that any sort of jumping on it makes it hurt so bad I want to puke, so it turned into a run up run up run down step down with the cranky foot.  Can’t do that again.

Round 3 bikes and ski machines were taken, so I just started doing burpees.  I figured, I hate the movement, it’s all cardio, it doesn’t hurt my foot, and therefore it serves the purpose of the WOD.  I did the same for round 4 and was comfortably uncomfortable, and happy I had chosen to do them.

Yay burpees!


26 thoughts on “9.30.2013

  1. See, I am the opposite! I HAAAAATE cardio more than anything, so the fact that I ran everything today with no walking was an amazing feat! I knew when Coach didn’t post the WOD that I was probably gonna be sucking it in one way or another.
    Those tall cleans rocked, tho, I LOOOOOVE cleans and any lifting 🙂 Did my most weight so far.
    Anyway, glad you liked it, Cardio Queen! 🙂

    1. Yay! Congrats on running it all!

      When it comes to cleans, I have a love/hate relationship. I love power cleans. I don’t love when they make us squat.

      Though after the max clean and jerks this weekend, I was super pumped. Seeing those girls hit 160+ was hugely motivating!

  2. I’m the same way. When I started losing weight, I ran. And ran. And ran some more. So steady cardio is DEFINITELY my favorite. Nice job pushing yourself! That’s something I don’t do enough when we do cardio-type things at the box.

    PS — it takes me several days to recover from drinking too. I miss being 21 and bouncing back the next day. Now I can’t sleep, I wake up at 6am, and I hate life for an entire day before I feel semi-normal again. The worst.

  3. I went to a competition at a local box for Oly Lifting and it was so motivating I went a little crazy and signed up for one myself. I LOVE competitions, they get me SO pumped up to work out and achieve what the people who were competing were achieving… also, glad I’m not the only one who’s hangovers can last forever these days…

    1. I am not really a competitive person at all, but if I were, I totally would have signed up for a competition on the spot after Saturday. I was SO proud of everyone, espeically our ladies. We had so many PR’s that were set, and the top clean and jerk was 165 lbs! Color me impressed.

  4. I’ve definitely notice since trying to up my strength that alcohol “saps” me of it. If i have drinks on a Friday (not enough to be hungover but enough to be a little more then buzzed), i’ll definitely feel weaker during Oly lifting on saturday…and I definitely cannot bounce back! or i guess i just don’t have the tolerance for feeling crappy.

    I am definitely built for cardio. Part of it is having a high cardio background with running long distances and muay thai, but part of it is my build-I’m smaller and lighter, so cardio doesn’t tax me nearly as much. Building strength is DEFINITELY weakness of mine!! watching people compete always gets me pumped too

      1. So funny, because I would life only weights (which I did for a year before starting CF) and never do cardio!

    1. Yeah, the two day hangover is a pretty recent phenomenon for me. Lovely. Yet another part of turning 30 to look forward too.

      Though, there was a LOT of tequila involved, so I really shoudln’t complain.

  5. I would rather Wall ball any day than Burpee!!!

    And wait until you are 40ish…..you just simply will not be able to drink enough to have a hangover, because the hangover will almost kill you so you will just stop drinking beyond a certain point. There is no such thing as sweating it out. It’s more along the lines of staying in bed for a few days until you have enough energy to rise again, bwahahahaha!

    Hence, the reason why I went home right after the comp, had one beer after dinner and was asleep by 9:30! OLD!!!!

    1. Wall balls are something you either “get” or don’t from what I hear. I dont. I can’t string more than maybe 5 of them together without sucking wind. “Karen” (150 wall balls for time) made me feel like I wanted to die. Or go homicidial on my wall ball with like, a meat cleaver. I seriously fantasized about how satisfying it would feel to spill its guts everywhere.

      Yeah, no thanks on the wall balls.

      1. 150 WBs for time??!! Yeah, no thanks! Not sure what would be worse, 150 WBs or 150 burpees. I wonder if there’s a benchmark called Kelly. Or Nicole. Hahahaha!

      2. There is both! And they both sound like hell on wheels!

        Kelly: Run 400 meters
        30 box jump, 24 inch box
        30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
        5 rounds for time

        Nicole: Run 400 meters
        Max rep Pull-ups
        20 Min AMRAP

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