Crossfit + Tequila = Nicole Feels Feeeeeelings

This past Saturday marked the first ever Crossfit competition held at our box.  The In-House event put 20 men and 20 women toe to toe for two events, with the top 10 advancing to the third event.

As I have severe performance anxiety issues and no desire for anyone to ever WATCH me while I work out, I didn’t compete.  I also, thankfully, wasn’t judging, which meant that I got to simply go and cheer for all our awesome athletes.

Going into Saturday, I didn’t really realize how many of our folks I actually know.  I’ve bounced around to several of the classes, and as a result, I think I knew and had worked out with and had conversations with all but three of the athletes competing.  It made for a fun time as a spectator, as it didn’t matter where I was, I was screaming my face off for someone.

If there is one thing I can say about this weekend, it’s that this shit is inspiring.  I watched 40 people do a burpee/air squat AMRAP that made me want to vomit BEFORE I had the tequila.  For every single one of them, when the judges yelled “:90 seconds left” they found a new gear.  It was from amazing to flat awe inspiring.

During the second workout, all the competitors rowed, completed double unders and then worked towards a max clean and jerk with the remaining time.  I don’t know how many PR’s were set, but I’m certain it was many.  I watched some serious strength in our women, the top competitor hitting 165 lbs.  I witnessed some of the most inspiring girls I know battle the shit out of getting that bar overhead for their jerk, and so many triumphs when they just wouldn’t quit.

Not to be outdone, the guys rocked so hard.  Admittedly, by this point I was more than a few drinks in, but it was no less awesome to see them throwing 200+ pounds over head.  Their form was flawless, and it was incredible to see something that I know to be so difficult look so effortless.

In the break between the second and final workouts, tailgating ensued and friends were made.  Of all the things I love about Crossfit, it’s the community I love the most.  I shared tequila, new friends shared their tents.  The competitors were combinations of nervous and excited, those who knew they had made top 10 relaxing for the final competition and those who were unsure twitching until the results were posted.

The final WOD was a monster of a chipper.  Several of the competitors knew they didn’t have some of the skills required to finish, but it didn’t matter.  Like with all things Crossfit, you do as much as you physically can and you just keep trying until time runs out.  The workout was a 50-40-30-20-10 rep scheme with a 200m run between each.  Wall balls, box jumps, toes to bar, heavy snatches and muscle ups in a time cap.

It didn’t matter where they were in the workout, I have never EVER seen such a tremendous effort.  The women literally gave me goose bumps the entire time.  Ladies who had never done a single toes to bar worked the hell out of the set until time ran out.  Someone who didn’t believe they had a snatch at that weight nailed one before the cap.  Over and over again I saw boundaries broken and it nearly brought tears to my eyes to see women that I admire so much do things that even they didn’t believe were possible.

The men were no different, and just as inspiring.  Every one did work.  It came down to the muscle ups for the guys.  A few even finished the workout, but not without some missed reps, some pain, and some serious desire to overcome.

When it was all said and done I think even we the spectators were exhausted.  The winners were elated, but let’s face it, every one of them who came out on Saturday won something.

If any of them have ever thought “I want to inspire someone,” well, you reached your goal with me this weekend.

7 thoughts on “Crossfit + Tequila = Nicole Feels Feeeeeelings

  1. there is nothing like the community in crossfit. people cheering, being the last one to finish, no one leaves until everyone is done. it is such a great feeling. I was never into any team sports but I totally get it now. It’s a family.

    1. I completely agree. I never played any sort of sports either, but now that I’ve experienced Crossfit, I feel like I belong to something bigger.

      On my bucket list is to get to a Regional event, or hopefully eventually the Games. From what I hear, there is nothing like it.

  2. there’s a competition at our box for Halloween. Prizes for best costume, that you do the WOD in, and there is a scaled division. I’m pretty sure I won’t sign up…like you…way too nervous, and I can’t lift that much yet. Depending on kid’s hockey schedules, I might try to go watch a bit. I’m sure it would be amazing to see it.

    1. Definately watch it! And honestly next time I will likely volunteer to judge. I didn’t for this one as I thought I might struggle with having to “no rep” someone, but seeing it in action the athletes all knew when they got a rep and when they didn’t, and judging looked like fun.

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