Happy October!  This is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons.  It’s my birth-month.  The weather should start getting at least a bit cooler here.  Pumpkin cider is everywhere.  And when I used to live up north the leaves would be pretty.  So now I guess I get to see pictures of pretty leaves on facebook.

This month I’m going to add two new bits to my blog that I haven’t previously done, but want to keep me accountable.  First off, I’m going to set a goal for the minimum number of times I will attend Crossfit this month… drumroll please… 22!  This will give me weekends off (when I usually ride), and two other days during the month that I could opt out of going.

Additionally, I’m going to start blogging every Monday about my goal progress.  I set up my nifty page, so I don’t want these things that I want to achieve to go by the wayside.  I will weigh in (shudder), report weightloss, progress on my Crossfit skills, and also keep a tally of total number of workouts and miles on the bike.

Obviously, I kinda dig numbers and crossing things off lists.  This is a way to do both.  Sweet!

On to the workout.

Warm Up- the usual.  Went at 5:30 p.m. and it was hot and a large class.  Captain America was teaching, and I’m really starting to like this kids style.

Mobility:  T-spine with broomsticks and Traps/1st rip (ouch)

SWOD:  Push Jerk 5×3

This was FUN!  I can’t remember the last time we practiced push jerks, and I was surprised to find my body seemed to know just what to do.  I probably should have added on another 5 for the last set, but the coach said to keep it light and work on form, so I did.  As it got heavier I did notice that my instinct was to push press it and not drop so far back under the bar, so I focused on getting down and keeping my knees out and weight in my heels as I did.

WOD: For time

10 front squats
5 muscle ups (or 5 ring rows, 5 dips)
8 front squats
4 muscle ups
6 front squats
3 muscle ups
4 front squats
2 muscle ups
2 front squats
1 muscle up

Time: 4:43 @53 lbs with green band

Ok so, I went too light on the squats (should have done at least 63), and used too much band on the ring dips (should have used blue).

And I’m kicking myself a little about the band, because I’m pretty sure the last time we did ring dips I said the same thing.  Especially with such a low number of reps, this was just way too much assistance and it was simply too easy.

The squats admittedly weren’t “easy,” but I absolutely could have done more weight.  I did every set unbroken, and other than a little grunt on my 6th rep in my set of 6, my legs were fine.

Things to remember for next time.

Despite my sandbagging, this was a really fun workout.  I love watching our super athletes do their muscle ups.  That’s some impressive stuff right there.

15 thoughts on “10.1.2013

  1. Ask David to show you muscle up transition on the rings. During 7am class, we have been doing this since the group is smaller. It is definitely a cool transition building movement.

    1. I will! I think that Aaron may have tried to show me once, but my brain isn’t fully functional at 6 a.m. That said, I kinda feel like I need to get banded pull ups without feeling like I might pee my pants before I start thinking about muscle ups.

  2. I second guess myself after the WOD a lot. I have energy left at the end and think I could have done more. But at the beginning, it all looks so daunting that I’m afraid to risk too much and not be able to finish.

    1. For probably my first 6-8 months I did the same thing. Lately I’ve been pretty good at gaguing realistically where I’m at, but I don’t always hit it dead on.

      I’ll be honest, my ego would much rather I go too light on the weights than too heavy. I hate workouts where I finish dead last by several minutes because I got a little too confident in my abilities.

  3. Some of the guys make fun of me because I constantly out In my Beyond the Whiteboard I put “should have gone heavier” or “should have RXd”. Ah we’ll..we are still getting stronger and that’s what matters!

  4. Ok, I read this post yesterday and I’ve been wanting to leave you a comment but have been trying to plan the wording just right. Good for you setting visible goals for yourself 🙂 But make sure you are setting yourself up for success. I just say this, cause of the target of getting to the box 22 times in the month. In September, I got to my box 20 times and it was an experience I am not in a hurry to repeat. While I was proud of myself for the level of commitment, my lifts actually struggled as a result of the lack of down time I allowed my body. Just make sure you take care of yourself… I find myself now with a shoulder tendon tear that is really cramping my crossfit style and I would hate to see you fall into the same trap 😉 Goals are great, but just make sure they make sense for YOU, YOUR LIFE and YOUR BODY 😉

    1. Seriously, thank you so much for finding the right words to leave this comment. I actually made the decision not to go this morning because my body is just tiered and cranky today, and was feeling really guilty about it.

      But you’re very right. I want to continue to improve performance, and that might mean an unplanned rest day here or there. Today I swapped CF for an easy spin during lunch, and it was just what my legs needed.

      Maybe I revise that goal to 22 days of activity for the month, and count my rides as well? That gives me an opportunity not only to rest, but to beat my goal should I choose.

  5. Good goal to have even if you don’t hit the actual 22 days. And Yay for push jerk coming easy to you. I’m always off! I feel like my brain knows what to do but my body says otherwise. And sometimes you just gotta sandbag whether you do it on purpose or not. At least you are still putting in work.

    1. Oh if I actually THINK about what I’m doing with push jerks I’m a disaster waiting to happen. But it seems like if I just take a deep breath and do it, my body knows what’s up.

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