October Crossfit day 2 on the books with the 6 a.m. class.  To my credit I was totally comatose this morning when my alarm went off but still managed to pull mysef out of bed and get to the box.  I’m glad I did, it was a short but great workout that started the day right!

Warm Up: The usual.  I’m surprisingly not really sore at all today, which is unusual by a Wednesday for me.

Mobility:  We made sweet sweet love to the LX ball this morning again.  Rolled our glutes (well hello butt knots, who knew those were there?), our pecs, our calves and our shoulders.  My calves literally almost made me cry.  The faces and noises were priceless.

WOD:  12 minute AMRAP
20 DU’s
15 KB swings
15 sit ups
15 cal row

Score: 3+3… I think.  That, or it was 4+3.  I didn’t keep track on a white board and was half asleep.  With 25 lbs KB and soft step ups instead of DU’s.

I wish my foot felt better.  I want to jump the rope.  But I did the spongey runny up up down and then step nicely on sore foot down maneuver.  It was effective.  I want panting in no time.

KB swings still suck.  Coach had us watch a video of the right and wrong ways to do it and then practice snapping our hips and stopping at full extension, not going past vertical into some sort of back bendy maneuver.  Truthfully, I don’t know if I do this or not.  I paid a lot of attention to myself today, and I think I do a pretty good job of stopping when I’m fully extended.  I tend to sort of hop every time I swing up (which is probably a total waste of energy, but it’s just what my body does when I try to snap my hips).  I think I need to ask coach to just watch me do these once and make sure I’m not an offender of the hyperextending.

Sit ups are my jam.  And rowing still rocks my casbah.  I was getting about 1 calorie per pull today on the row which was some sweet action.

All in all a fun WOD.

I think we’re probably unofficially (or likely officially though not saying it out loud) in a “step back” week at the moment.  The programming has seemed generally easier than what we would usually do, especially today.  The past three weeks of WOD’s have been pretty brutal, and with almost 1/3 of our box competing on Saturday, I think the programming is structured to keep us all active, but not sore.

Makes sense.  But, of course, I want pain.  Otherwise, I have nothing to whine (or wine) about.


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