The problem with attending Crossfit during my lunch break is that I don’t stop sweating for probably an hour after I’m done with class.  Since I only get a finite amount of time for lunch, I don’t really have the option of laying naked on the locker room floor until I cool off before changing and going back to work.

Not to mention, who would want to lay naked in a public locker room anyway?  Ewie.

But regardless, the only way to fit in my workout today was to go during lunch, so I made it work.  Even if I am stinky and offensive to my co-workers.

Warm Up: The usual stuff.  Practiced a few toes to bar before class.  If I do a kind of double kipping swing I can get my toes to maybe a foot away.  It sounds pathetic, but I’m not even joking it is SO much closer than I’ve ever been before.

SWOD:  Deadlift 4×3
1×10 RDL @33 warm up
1×3@153 PR

I am starting to appreciate the art that is the deadlift.  This was traditionally my least favorite lift ever, but once I figured out what the coaches actually mean when they say “knees out” and what muscles they want activated, it changed this lift for me.  Now, rather than feeling it in my back I feel it in my glutes where I’m supposed to.

This was an exciting PR.  We pulled for 1 RM right before we moved into the new box back in July and it was every ounce of everything I had to get 143 off the ground.  So a 10 lbs PR for 3 reps makes me very happy.


1 mile run (or 1600m row)
Isabel (30 snatches for time)

Score: 8:43 with row and 43 lbs

Ok call me sadistic, but this was FUN!  Part of me really wishes I could have run, as I’m sick of my foot hurting, but in truth the workout would have taken me at least twice as long.

Snatching after rowing a mile was unpleasant, which made me glad I kept the weight a bit lighter.  That said, the most I’ve ever snatched is 53 lbs, so as I decided on my weight it seemed like a very silly choice to try to snatch my PR 30 times.

By the time the workout was over though, I really think I could have.  Not having to do a full squat snatch makes me less anxious about the movement.   Obviously, I shouldn’t be able to power snatch more than I can squat snatch, but at the moment I guess I can.  It’s clearly not about strength, it’s about confidence.

Another area for improvement.

9 thoughts on “10.3.2013

  1. Ugh, I have the same problem. I have been running over lunch at work because 1)I don’t have to get up early and 2)By 5pm I’m exhausted. Except I am SO SWEATY that even a shower doesn’t help much. I always try to wear layers on those days so at least I can cool off in a blouse instead of a wool sweater.

    PS Nice PR!!

    1. I took a shower today and think I sweat more afterwards than I did during the workout. I’m wearing a breezy sundress and by god I even have under-boob sweat happening.

      For the record, the class was done at 1, it’s nearly 3 and I’m STILL sweating.
      *sigh* I’m just a beast I guess.

      1. Not that people don’t appreciate boob-sweat, but have you tried a cold shower? That’s usually how I recoup from a particularly sweaty sesh. It sucks while you’re under the water, but helps to bring your face back to a healthy peach color instead of maintaining the splotchy lobster-esque skin that occurs. There’s also some science-y explanation as to why athletes can benefit from ice cold water after a hard workout, but science is boring.

        Congrats on your PR.

      2. Thanks for the tip! I actually do take cold showers, but they don’t seem to help. I will say, I’m one heck of a sweat-er, probably far more than your “normal” person. I think I’m just destined to be stinky.

  2. Ugh I have the same problem! I try to run at lunch sometimes but the sweating after my shower is awful! I try to take cold showers to cool myself down, but I still sweat a little once I’m in my “clean” clothes.

  3. When I workout at lunch I take a VERY quick shower or use a ShowerPill wipe. If you haven’t tried the ShowerPill wipes, I highly recommend them. SO.AWESOME. I’ve prob got a coupon code around here someone if you need one.

      1. They are really awesome. I use them a lot when I travel. Especially when I TRI and have to get in the car after 6+ hours of action. Sometimes I can hardly stand the smell of myself. UGH! They are individually packaged. One wipe takes care of the entire body! It smells good and just doesn’t get you wiped down but also kills the bacteria. So awesome in my world. 🙂

        The only place I know to get them is on Amazon. I’m not an affiliate or anything. If you buy 2 boxes then you can get 25% off using the code: STAYFRSH I’ve had that code for a while so not sure it still works but worth a shot. I always buy more than one box at a time anyhow cuz Aby steals them from me too for gym class & XC. LOVE them!!

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